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About the Department of Commercial Technology

Department of Commercial Technology offers two associate degree programs, Electronic Business, and International Economics and Trade,

of which the program of Electronic Business was selected as a pilot teaching reform program of Shaanxi Province in 2002,and was

elected as a key program of Shaanxi Province in 2009. In 2011, the Innovative New Experimental Area for Application-Oriented Talent

Training Model of Electronic Business was approved to be an innovative experimental area of Shaanxi Province. In 2013, the project of

Construction and Implementation of Practical Teaching System of the Electronic Business Program for “Creativity, Innovation, and

Entrepreneurship” was awarded a second-place prize for teaching achievements in higher education of Shaanxi Province. The program of

International Economics and Trade is a member institution of China Association of International trade, and a member institution of

Shaanxi Association of Economics, and is a program prioritized by the University for Construction. Student population of the department

is close to 700.

The department has defined teaching orientation that takes training innovative application-oriented talents who are “good at

starting a career, able to set up a business, and have stamina” as objective guidance,and has constructed a complete teaching model

and assessment system via meticulously setting up the training content, establishing and improving training system, and innovating and

exploring training model.

The achievements of associate degree students being admitted into bachelor programs are gratifying, and the enrollment rate ranks among

the forefront of the colleges and universities within the province. In 2015,the rate of the students of the two programs of this

department who passed the examinations for applying to bachelor programs was 75.9%,which is in the second place among the schools and

departments of the whole university,and that of the provincial key program, Electronic Business is exceptionally good, which was 100%.

The situation of employment is good. When graduating, students can work at many positions in commercial fields. Such as, for example,

sales merchandiser, documentation specialist, and export sales staff at an exporting enterprise, marketing plan and web marketing at an

electronic business enterprise, international freight, and management at an logistics enterprise, international settlement, financial

consultation, and financial management at a banking enterprise, as well as international marketing, and international marketing

management at a multinational corporation. The cumulated output of high-quality talents for the society is over 3000,and the average

employment rate is 96%.


The department has a strong faculty. At the present,the faculty is composed of more than 30 full time teachers, of whom one is a

professor, five are associate professors , ten are lecturer. 60% of the teachers have enterprise experience, and have dual

certificates (teaching and business).

The academic leader of electronic business Professor Du Yonghong is a member of Social Sciences Federation of Shaanxi Province, a

council member of Shaanxi Association of Economics, and a champion at teaching and a renowned teacher of Xijing University.

The academic leader of international economics and trade, Professor Ge Wei is chair of the Cross Border E-Commerce Branch of China

Association of International Trade, and a member of the Teaching Steering Committee of Xijing University.


Teaching, research and program construction have been moving forward steadily. In recent years, the faculty undertook five research

projects funded by the provincial social science foundation, published more than ten research papers in referred journals. The faculty

also published the textbooks《国际商法》(International Trade Law),《移动电子商务》(Mobile Electronic Business), and《移动信息服务》

(Mobile Information Service), of which theInternational Trade Lawhas been selected as a planned textbook of the 12th Five Year Plan,

and theMobile Electronic BusinessandMobile Information Serviceare the textbooks recommended by the Mobile Business Expert Advisory

Commission of China Association of Electronic Business and the Electronic Business Professional Commission of China Association of

Information Economics. The course Web Design and Making has been elected as a quality course at provincial level. The course

Introduction to Electronic Business has been elected as a quality course for resource sharing at provincial level. The project of

Construction and Implementation of Practical Teaching System of the Electronic Business Program for “Creativity, Innovation, and

Entrepreneurship” was awarded a second-place prize for teaching achievements in higher education of Shaanxi Province. We have also

established the Innovative New Experimental Area for Electronic Business Application-oriented talent training for “Creativity,

Innovation, and Entrepreneurship”, and have also applied for several teaching reform projects and research projects funded by the


Achievements in contests are exceptional, and the results of education via contests are outstanding. Students have won 61 prizes in the

business technical contests at national level, one prize at cross-province regional level, and six prizes at provincial level.

School-enterprise collaboration has been carried out continuously. We have organized some ordered classes, jointly trained with

enterprises, and the results are good. The school-enterprise jointly constructed courses include Direct Selling Skills, Cross-Border

Electronic Business, and the Taobao University’s “Course for Certifying Special Talents of Electronic Business Operation”. The rate

of students passing Alibaba’s talent certification for cross-border electronic business has reached 95%. Some students have got jobs

at their oriented electronic business enterprises in Zhejiang Province.

Internship and training

The department has been equipped with international economics and trade labs, electronic business labs, the Dandelion Entrepreneurship

Incubating Base, with more than 150 equipments,and the total investment is more than 1000 thousand yuan. In 2011, the Innovative New

Experimental Area for Talent Training Model at provincial level was approved, which is equipped with various teaching software,

including GTA , ASCO , Kingdee, and Boettcher electronic commerce development platforms, simulated foreign trade practical teaching

system, foreign trade physical teaching system, foreign trade practical document teaching system , and foreign trade practice platform

system,which can meet the needs for all kinds of experiment and training.

The department has signed contracts for off-campus practical teaching bases with many enterprises, including Beyondsoft Corporation, XD

Group, Alibaba Group, Elevator Company of China Standard Group, Xi'an impression Network Technology Co., Ltd,Xi’an Amoy Tesco Agel

Ecommerce Ltd,Xi’an Ming Chuang Network Technology Co., Ltd,Xi'an By Your Culture and Creative Co., Ltd,Xi’an Huicong Network

Technology Co., Ltd,Xi’an Subaite Network Technology Co., Ltd, X’'an Yankees Xiangweng Catering Management Company Limited, and

Shaanxi High Tech Co., Ltd,which provides students with high-level corporate cooperation platforms for them to testify their

theoretical study, strengthens practical teaching effects, and promotes students’ employment.

Future of the discipline

As a new element in business activities, electronic business has been integrated into all aspects of the society, and has made profound

changes take place in all fields of the society. The proposal of “Internet plus” action plan indicates the development direction of

electronic commerce in China. At the present, the developmental trends of electronic business mainly include:mobile electronic

business, cross-border electronic business, precision data marketing and personalized service, agricultural electronic business,

Internet finance, big data application, cloud services and e-commerce solutions, O2O, and community electronic business.

As the times of electronic business comes, international trade has been transforming from traditional international goods trade into

paralleled development of goods trade and cross-border electronic business, therefore training high-quality foreign trade technical

talents who are familiar with computer network technology, business process and operational characteristics of cross-border electronic

commerce, can establish and maintain an international electronic business website or web shop, can be engaged in foreign electronic

business and website operation, and can use cross-border electronic business platforms is the main direction for development in the


Academic planning for students

Carry out the talent training model of one body with multiple wings, and students can acquire credits via various channels including

elective courses, participating in contests, experiments and practice, innovation and starting a business, research, on-campus

business, and on-campus administration, so as to realize personalized and ordered students’ training;focus on ability cultivation,

use case teaching method, teaching via projects, playing, and simulation, change classroom organization, and expand traditional courses

into the society, enterprises, and overseas,so that students can actively study, study via multiple channels, and become the

subjectivity of the study, and return to the nature of education.

The programs adopt the talent training model of“2+0.5+0.5”. During the first academic year, students mainly study the basic courses

including English, and computer basics, and at the same time, study introductory courses for the major. We train students’ logic

thinking and capability of independent study, and have students initially approach professional knowledge. During the second academic

year,students mainly study basic professional courses and core courses, pass the simulated laboratorial training and examinations of

the operational courses, take related examinations for acquiring occupation credentials. Utilize the resources on campus, and carry out

practical activities. Those students who want to apply to bachelor programs or to study abroad can get prepared through the channels

provided by the department and the university. During the third academic year, in the fifth term, strengthen students’ professional

practice via two strategies of bringing in and going out. Invite senior and intermediate enterprise administrators to teach practical

courses, arrange enterprise training ahead of time, visit enterprises, intern on job, and pay close attention to operational training.

During the six term, students complete dissertation and internship while summarizing the study of the first five terms. Actively

prepare for seeking a job, or applying to a bachelor program or going abroad to study?

Carry out an educational system of double certificates of diploma and occupational certificate. Enrolled students cannot graduate

without finishing the courses stipulated in the teaching plan(including theoretical and practical courses),and acquiring an

occupational certificate of the profession.

Strict with administration

Strictly carry out the related teaching documents of the university, be strict with student status management, be serious with

examination style and examination disciples, be strict with the “three-five norms” of teaching, stick to separation of teaching and

examination and diversified examinations, and promote education via contests, education via school-enterprise cooperation, and make

efforts to enhance the quality of talent training.

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