Department of Economics and Business

About the Department of Economics and Business

The Department of Economics and Business is one of the key departments of Xijing University. The department opens two programs,

Electronic Business(a pilot project of comprehensive reform at provincial level), and International Economics and Trade, with a

student population of close to 1100.

I.About the faculty

The Department of Economics and Business has a strong faculty. The department has specially invited three nationally renowned scholars

to advise on the construction of the disciplinary programs. At the present, the department has a faculty of 55 full time teachers, of

whom there are three professors, eight associate professors,and 40 lecturers. One professor enjoys special allowance awarded by the

State Council. One faculty member once studied in Japan, and one once studied in France. 29% of the faculty members have working

experience in enterprise, and have acquired dual certificates (education and business).

II. About research

The Department of Economics and Business pays close attention to teaching and research. The faculty has undertaken more than ten

research projects, and has published more than 40 research papers in referred journals. The faculty has published many textbooks, of

which the《国际商法》(International Business Law)has been selected as a nationally planned textbook for the 12th Five Year Plan,and the《电子商务概论及实训》(Introduction and Practice of Electronic Business)has been selected as a quality and resource-shared course at

provincial level. The faculty has also published three monographs,《基于双边市场的城市一卡通顾客价值创新研究》(On the Value Innovation

of All-Purpose Customers in Perspective of Bilateral Marketing Cities),《复杂网络视角下企业营销网络建设与管理》(Construction and

Management of Enterprise Marketing Network in Perspective of Complex Network), and《国际金融中心建设的研究》(On the construction of

International Center of Finance).

III. Bases for practice and training

The Department of Economics and Business has newly established labs for electronic business and international trade programs, as well

as an incubating area for innovation and entrepreneurship in electronic business. The experimental area is equipped with multiple

teaching software including the Lattice POCIB and Pershing Electronic Commerce Development Platform,and opens the Dandelion e Home

second classroom,which meets all kinds of needs for practice and training.

In addition, the department has signed contracts with more than thirty renowned enterprises for establishing off-campus practical

teaching bases. Based on theses bases, the department has carried out five school-enterprise cooperative projects,which provides a high-level platform for students to test their theoretical study, strengthen the effects of practical teaching, and promote students’


The Dandelion e Home second classroom is an important link in the development of practical teaching of the international trade and

electronic business programs,which assists students to carry out on-campus entrepreneurship practice via professional technical

training, and guidance on project development. At the present, more than 80 students have organized various groups to start on-campus

business independently, and have acquired some practical achievements. The department actively supports students’ applications for

projects of innovation and entrepreneurship. At present, 22 projects have been approved,of which the Moke group’s“Online Marketing

of the Farmers’Painting of Hu County”has been selected as a project of college student innovation and entrepreneurship at national

level,six projects have been selected as projects at provincial level, and 15 as projects at university level. These projects have

been awarded financial support of 3000 yuan, 5000 yuan, and 10000 yuan respectively.

IV. About International communication

The department actively promotes external exchange projects for teachers and students. At the present, the department has established

cooperative relationships with Chinese Culture University in Taiwan, Dahua University of Science and Technology in Taiwan, the American

University of Wisconsin, the British Swansea university, the Japanese Sakura Merrill Lynch University, and the South Korean Bae Jae

University,which provides students with convenience for short-term study, long-term study, and visiting abroad. The British Swansea

university has signed with us a 3+1 joint training contract, i.e., when reaching a certain level of study, students can continue to

study for a master degree. With Chinese Culture University in Taiwan and Dahua University of Science and Technology in Taiwan, we have

carried out short-term study-tour programs,and more than 20 teachers and students have been to Taiwan to study and exchange.

V. About teaching achievements

The department pays close attention to teaching reform, focuses on education and teaching, and takes enhancing teaching quality,

improving students’ basic quality, promoting students’ all-round development, and raising the equality of talent training as the

fundamental task. In October 2011, the department was authorized to establish a new innovative experimental area at provincial level

for applied talent training in electronic business. In 2013,the program of electronic business was listed as a pilot comprehensive

reform project, and the program of international economics and trade became a member institution of China Association of International

Trade, and a member institution of Shaanxi Association of Economics, and successfully sponsored the annual conference of Shaanxi

Association of Economics. The course Introduction to Electronic Business of the program of electronic business was elected a quality

and resource-shared course at provincial level. In 2013,the practical teaching system of“innovation, originality, and

entrepreneurship” of electronic business was awarded a second prize of higher education teaching achievements of Shaanxi Province, and

the faculty group of electronic business was elected a teaching group at provincial level.

In the national POCIB college student foreign trade ability contest, students won more than 20 prizes. In the 15th national English

contest, students Zhang Chegndao and Liu Wenjing of international trade major won a first place prize. In the national electronic

business contest, students won 21 prizes. In the national web electronic business innovation contest, students won 44 prizes.

The department has been awarded organization prize and innovative direction prize successively for several years.

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