Department of Electromechanical Technology

About the Department of Electromechanical Technology

I. Programs

The Department of Electromechanical Technology, established in July 2014,is a standing council member institution of Shaanxi

Association of Mechanical Engineering, and a council member institution of Xi’an Association of Automation. The department opens five

higher vocational programs, i.e., Mechatronics Technology, Digital Control Technology, Vehicle Detection and Maintenance Technology,

Automobile Application Technology, 3D Material Molding, of which, two programs (Digital Control Technology, Vehicle Detection and

Maintenance Technology) are key programs at provincial level, and one program (Mechatronics Technology) is a key program at university


II. Faculty

The Department of Electromechanically Technology has a faculty of 45 full time teachers, among whom, there are two professors, six

associate professor, and 18 lecturers. The faculty has a reasonable structure, good quality, and guarantees efficient normal operation

of the teaching quality assurance system.

III. Lab construction

The department has one student engineering training center, and one laboratory center. These two centers contain 53 labs, with floor

area of 3500m2, and the total value is of 40000 thousand yuan. The student engineering training center is a laboratory teaching

demonstration center at provincial level.

IV. School-enterprise cooperation and off-campus training bases

The department actively promotes the construction of off-campus training bases. At the present, we have established nine off-campus

training bases at Baoji Longke Machine Co. Ltd, Shaanxi Huashan Engineering Vehicle Co., Ltd, Shaanxi Qunli Electronics Co. Ltd.,

Shaanxi Xijing intelligent Co Ltd, Xi'an Qing'an Electric Control Co., Ltd,Wuhan beautiful air conditioning refrigeration Co., Ltd.

The on-campus and off-campus laboratory and training bases provide a conglomerate and coordinated environment for enhancement of

students’ hands-on and innovative ability, and Zero-distance contact with the society, which is conducive to the cultivation of

students' ability, and increasing of employment rate.

V. External exchange

The department pays close attention to external academic exchange, and actively participates in various national and provincial

academic activities. The faculty publishes theses, exchanges experience, and promotes teaching.

VI. Talent cultivation

The department sticks to the schooling concepts of“Three Alls”,adheres to serving economic construction and social development as a

priority, highlights the orientation of training the application-oriented talents, aims at the talent training goal for

application-oriented talents who “know theories, can practice, is hands-on, and highly qualified”.

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