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About the Department of Foreign Languages

The predecessor of the Department of Foreign Languages is the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, which was established in

August 2005,and was renamed Department of Foreign Languages in June 2014. Currently the student population is of 649. The department

opens two bachelor programs(English, International Education of Chinese)and an associate degree program(Business English). The

department also undertakes English teaching as general education for the whole university,and the faculty is divided into 11 groups.

The 11 faculty groups include five groups teaching general English, a group teaching college English,a group teaching graduate

students English, a group teaching English for specific purposes,a group teaching English for general purposes,and a group teaching

academic English. For professional English teaching, there are a faculty group teaching essential English,a group teaching English

education, and a group teaching engineering English. For teaching international education of Chinese, there are a faculty group of

linguistics, and a faculty group of linguistic theories and practice. For teaching business English, there are a faculty group teaching

business English and a faculty group teaching translation. The department has 17 advanced sound labs, two network multi-functional

labs, and one simultaneous interpretation Lab. Programs of this department focus on training high-quality externally oriented applied

talents, with a strong faculty, sufficient laboratorial and training conditions, and fruitful achievements in education.

FacultyAt present,the faculty is composed of 71 teachers,of whom five are foreign teachers, and more than 10 teachers have international

education or international working background. Six teachers have senior titles. The faculty is divided into 11 faculty groups.

The academic leader of the English program, Professor Dun Jianyong used to teach at Air Force Engineering University before joining

Xijing University. He was once elected an advanced individual of teaching and education in the annual appraisal four times in four

successive years, and was awarded a third-class merit award three times in the military. In 2002,he was awarded a silver medal for

education. From 2006-2008,he enjoyed a special stipend for excellent professional talent in the military. He originated the teaching

concept of “revealing the meaning via the form” in China, and the internalizing mechanism for transformation of declarative knowledge

into procedural knowledge in English, and the macro-teaching model of dynamic unification of input and output in English. He integrated

these new teaching concepts into the development of multimedia teaching courseware of the New Horizon College English,which has been

published by Beijing Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press,and has been used by over 600 higher education institutions in

China, well received by teachers and students. Invited by Beijing Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press,he gave 12 lectures to

more than 20 thousand higher education English teachers in many places in China. He pays close attention to faculty construction and

training of the faculty. The young teachers whom he directed to participate in teaching contests won a first place prize in Xi’an

region, and a second place prize in the whole military. The students whom he directed to participate in speech contests also won a

first place prize in the Xi’an region and a second place prize in the whole military. The doctoral and master courses he has taught

were effectively excellent, and was elected courses except from checking in all previous assessments. He has won eight prizes for his

teaching awarded by the university and the Ministry of Education. He has published more than 30 research and translated papers, two

monographs and eight textbooks. He has also translated five VOLVO training materials, and has published 12 pieces of courseware. He has

completed eight research projects with over 500 thousand yuan of funds.

The academic leader of the Program of International Education of Chinese, professor He Jing has rich achievements in the research of

language and culture. She has published seven monographs, including《撩开缪斯的面纱》(Unveiling the Veil of the Muses),《审美的眼光》

(An Eye for Beauty),《美学与审美实践》(Aesthetics and Aesthetic Practice),《中国传统文化》(Traditional Culture of China), and more than

80 research papers. She has also edited a series of five books in humanities. She once won two second-place prizes for her excellent

teaching and research achievements in the military.

The academic leader of business English, professor Yang Yuming is a council member of College English Association of Shaanxi Province,

and a member of China Association of Translators. He was once head of the faculty group of English language and literature at the Air

Force Engineering University, and a research fellow at the second bureau of the air force technology and investigation. He once worked

overseas to carry out the Air Force foreign aid missions. For his contribution in the military, he won a silver medal for education,

and two awards of third-class merit, and several prizes for excellent teaching achievements. In recent years, he published 15 research

papers in referred journals, and participated in preparing the four volumes of Multimedia Courseware for College English, which have

been published by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press;he was the principle researcher of four research projects at national,

provincial and university levels,《大学英语翻译教学的艺术性研究与改革》(Artistic Research and reform of College English Translation and

Teaching),《高校ESP课程教材开发与研究》(Development and Research of ESP Course Materials for Higher Education ), and《运用RICH教学法培养学生英语输出能力的教学模式探索研究》(An Exploratory Research on the Teaching Model of Training Students’English Output Capability with

RICH Teaching Method),《基于英汉对比学与现代认知心理学理论研究,探索ESP教材编撰新模式》(Explore the New Model of ESP Textbook Editing

in Perspectives of English-Chinese Contrastive Studies and Modern Theories of Cognitive Psychology). He has also edited one textbook.

Achievements of the facultyDuring the past three years,the faculty published over 100 research papers in referred journals, and

undertook three research projects funded by provincial or national foundations, and more than ten research projects funded by the

university, one teaching reform project funded by the provincial foundation, and seven teaching reform projects funded by the

university. The faculty edited eight textbooks. Some faculty members participated in the 12th national multimedia courseware contest,

and won a second place prize and a prize for excellence, and in Shaanxi Competition Area for selective trials of the third Foreign

Teaching Cup national college English teaching contest, our teachers won a second place prize and a third place prize.

Studentsachievements in contestsIn recent years, students participated in national college student English contests, in which

students Du Jia and Zhuo Lili won grand prizes. In 2013-2014 Simulated UN Summit of World College Students, student Feng Yawen won a

second-place prize at national level. In the national finals of 2013 APEC Future Sound, student Lv Yachun won a second-place prize. In

2012, in the fifth National College Student Net Business Contest, student Ding Xizhen won a first-place prize at provincial level.

Experimentation and practiceThe department has a simultaneous interpretation lab, two multimedia web labs, and 17 digital sound

labs, has constructed a Xijing English learning website, and has organized a“Foreign Language Village”for English speaking practice.

The department has also established off-campus training and internship bases at 30 schools, enterprises and institutions, including

Xi’an International School, Children Dream Kindergarten, Language Education School of International House Xi’an, the No. 71 Middle

School of Xi’an City, Xi’an Tianyi Business Hotel, Dade Hongye Investment Co.,Ltd of Shaanxi, and China Travel Service.

International cooperationThe department has signed joint training contracts with some universities in South Korea, the United

States, and Britain, and has organized students to participate in“College Students Summer Internship with Payment in America”, and

the overseas(Britain, South Korea, Taiwan)short-term tour study, and has been carrying out exchange projects with renowned

universities at home and abroad for associate degree students to apply to bachelor programs and bachelor students to apply to master


Employment situationDuring the past three years, the average students’employment rate was above 90%. The graduates get jobs at

schools, tourist agencies, export-oriented corporations, education, tourism, and cultural institutions, such as, for example, China

Travel Service, Xi’an International School, Chinese language school in Busan, South Korea, Samsung, and Foxconn Technology Group.

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