Department of Management Engineering

About the Department of Management Engineering

Department of Management Engineering was established in July 2014. It is one of the key departments of Xijing University. Its precursor

was the No. 2 Department of Economic Administration. The department now is charged with full-time academic education of four bachelor

programs, Marketing, Tourism Management, Logistics Management and Hotel Management,and is dedicated to training application-oriented

technical talents for the society.

I. Faculty

The department has a faculty of 76 teachers, of whom 33% have senior titles, 28% of the teachers have acquired dual certificates

(teaching and business). In order to reinforce disciplinary construction, we have also invited seven external experts and scholars, and

two guest professors, and therefore have formed a teaching and research group with relatively high academic level and reasonable

professional composition.

Meanwhile the department has a group of academic leaders and backbones with profound academic attainments and rich teaching experience.

Such as, for example, Professor He Xiaoqun, Director of the Research Center of Applied Statistical Science, doctoral advisor, was

once a visiting scholar at Hong Kong Baptist University, National Chengchi University in Taiwan, Fu Jen University in Taiwan, Italian

University of Florence, and South Korean Sungkyunkwan University. He is a correspondent reviewer of the National Natural Sciences

Foundation, and National Social Sciences Foundation, a member of the expert group of bachelor teaching assessment of the Ministry of

Education(1998-2007),a reviewer of several academic journals, a standing council member and secretary-general of China Research

Association of Field Statistics, chair of the Multivariate Analysis Branch of China Research Association of Field Statistics, and a

specially invited supervisor of the State Taxation Administration of China.

II. Labs, training, and school-enterprise cooperation

The department has eight technically advanced and functionally complete professional labs, including training labs for marketing and

management, a logistics storage, a simulated sand table, a guest room and tourist catering lab, a lab for wine bar, a simulated

training lab for tour guide, and an ERP lab.

Meanwhile the department has cooperated with more than 20 renowned enterprises, and has established off-campus training bases at those

enterprises, including Xi’an Sofitel Grand Hotel(five stars), the FrenchAccor,Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors,China Travel Service

Co. Ltd in Northwest China,Xi’an branch of China Post Express Logistics Co., Ltd,Wantong Real Estate Consultants Limited Liability

Company, Shaanxi Minsheng Kellogg Co. Ltd. of HNA, Xi’an Center,Shenzhen China Shipping Logistics, Ningbo Kowloon

Logistics, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Company Limited,Xingmu Hotel Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd,which guarantees smooth

progress of students’ production internship and practical activities.

The program of Tourism Management collaborated with the American Starwood Hotels and the Resort Group, and sets up a Starwood class,

training high-level management talents for five star hotels. The program has cooperated with the Kingdee Software Company, and has

jointly established a college student entrepreneurship incubating base for national demonstration. At present, the base has incubated

several micro enterprises,小狼企业策划有限公司(Wolfe Enterprise Planning Company Limited),鼎新调研工作室(Dingxin Survey Working Room),

MIRC影视传媒公司(MIRC Film and Television Media Company),新干线咨询管理公司(Shinkansen Consulting Management Company),腾牛文化传播公司

(Tengniu Culture Communication Company),精英口才训练基地(Elite Eloquence Training Base), and西京淘宝电子商务有限公司(Xijing Taobao

Electronic Business Company Limited),all of which are instituted by students who practice while studying, and enter the status of

contacting the society, learning and entrepreneurship ahead of time. The incubating base has also organized a simulated job fair,which

attracted many students,and helped students to master some skills for applying for a job.

The department has also collaborated with some universities in South Korea, the United States, and Singapore, and has signed some

long-term contracts, which provides students with opportunities for academic exchange and studying abroad.

III. Teaching and research

In recent years, the department has acquired rich achievements in teaching and research. Teachers have published 84 research papers,

and have undertaken 20 research projects funded by governmental foundations, four research projects funded by enterprises, and 18

research projects funded by the university. Teachers have undertaken seven teaching reform projects funded by the university, have

published eight textbooks, and have acquired six patents. Teachers have also directed one student innovating and entrepreneurship

project. Teachers have participated in more than ten teaching and technical contests.

IV. Enhancement of students’ comprehensive quality

The department pays attention to political education, and continuously carries out a series of education concerning law and discipline

abiding, loving the country and loving the university, "ten nos" of civilized manners, citizen moral quality, conditions of the country

and the university, and Political and economic situation after the freshmen entering the university. Aiming at students' various

ideological problems,counselors would lose no time in communicating with students, and resolving conflicts. Under the leadership of

grassroots party organizations, the exemplary leading role of the party members gets full play; via communication and education,

students’ quality of morality has been further improved, and every year, many students, their classes and dormitories won honorary

titles for their good behaviors. Various contests of singing red songs, composing red poems, dancing, painting and photography

exhibitions, as well as Thanksgiving Parents activities are carried out, which forms campus cultural atmosphere with rich Xijing


V.Students’ achievements in contests


The department often invites experts and scholars giving academic and knowledge lectures, which provides students with frontier

scientific and technological knowledge. The department actively organizes students to participate in professional knowledge and

technical contests. Students participated in provincial and national disciplinary contests for two years successively, and their

achievements were in the first place of the competition area of China. The other contests in which students have participated include

logistics knowledge contest, electronic business contest, contest for students’ scientific and technological works, marketing contest,

simulated our guide contest, and bartender contest, and have won 56 prizes.

VI. Employment

Based on the characteristics of this program, the department begins the education of vocational career and employment situation as soon

as freshmen entering the university. Based on social needs, the department elaborately carries out employment guidance,and helps the

rate of students employment reach the highest, the average rate in recent years is above 93%. The regions in which students get hired

are mainly Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Shanghai and the Pearl River Delta,and renowned enterprises in which students are hired include

Kowloon Logistics, Pepsi-Cola, Vanke Real Estate, Bono Clothing, Datang Furong Garden, and Guangdong galanz.

Adhering to the university motto of "Sincerity, Health, Erudition, and Capability",taking the development strategy formulated by the

Nanyang Conference as the goal, with high sense of historical mission and sense of responsibility, the faculty and students forge ahead

toward the magnificent target of constructing first class management discipline at home, and make new contribution to training talents

for modern socialist construction.

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