School of Accounting

About the School of Accounting

School of Accounting is one of the five key colleges of Xijing University. It was established in August 2014, succeeding its  

predecessor,the Department of Economic established in 2005. The school now opens one master program, Auditing, and bachelor programs,

Accounting, Accounting (CPA), Financial Management, and Auditing.
This school is among the first batch among the private higher education institutions in China that have been authorized by the state to  

train masters of auditing. The bachelor program of accounting is a pilot program of comprehensive professional reform at provincial

level. The course of Financial Management has been elected a course for quality resource sharing. The faculty group of accounting has

been elected a teaching group at provincial level. The Innovative Experimental Area for Application-Oriented Talent Training Model of

Accounting has been elected a creative experimental area for talent training model at provincial level. The Demonstration Center for

Comprehensive Laboratorial Teaching of Accounting has been elected a demonstration center for laboratorial teaching at provincial

level. The goal of this school for development in the coming five years is to become the best school of accounting of a private

university in the northwest region, and the vision for development in the coming ten years is to become the best school of accounting

of a private application-oriented bachelor university in the whole country.
After efforts of many years, the rate and quality of the employment of graduates have been upgraded step by step, and have been warmly  

welcomed by the employers. A large proportion of the graduates go to the state agencies, public institutions, and large state-owned

enterprises. The rate of being hired upon first application is above 95%.
   The school has acquired good achievements after many years of schooling in terms of schooling conditions, faculty construction,  

teaching, internship and practice, and academic atmosphere, and has gradually become a school of accounting with characteristics of an

application-oriented bachelor university. Relying on the accounting and auditing business, the school carries out the talent training

model of “One Body with Multiple Wings”,aims at training applied talents, is dedicated to the whole personality education, and

continuously enhances comprehensive student quality and competitiveness. The quality of talent training has been broadly recognized by

the society, the pilot class of accounting with CPA characteristics has achieved outstanding results, the learning atmosphere and class

atmosphere have been significantly improved, and the proportion of the graduates who have been admitted into graduate programs, and

hired by state organizations, financial institutions, and large enterprises has been distinctively increased. While some graduates have

been admitted into the graduate program of other universities, including Chinese People's Public Security University, Lanzhou

University, Chang’an University, Xi 'an Institute of Finance and Economics some have become professional backbones of accounting and

In order to strengthen the disciplinary construction, the school greatly supports construction of professional labs, increases the  

investment in teaching hardware devices,adds multimedia classrooms,so as to improve classroom teaching conditions. By now, the school

has six laboratorial areas and 11 training bases,with 728 teaching laboratorial devices, of which the total value is 11000 thousand

yuan. The university started a pilot project with the program of accounting,and took the lead among the Chinese private universities

in establishing a digital teaching resource center(including websites, video, electronic teaching portfolios and electronic exercises)

and a curriculum resource sharing center,and extensively promotes micro lectures. Based on individualized student cultivation,flipped

classes, web classes, MOOC, and bilingual courses are carried out in full swing.

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