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As a key school of Xijing University, the School of Information Engineering focuses on “the Silk Road Economic Belt and the

21st-Century Maritime Silk Road” and “the “Internet plus” developmental trend of science, technology and society closely, and in

light of the demands of the west regional development of economy and society, the school sets up programs of information, including

program of Information Engineering, program of Internet of Things Engineering, and program of Computer Science and Technology.

The School of Information Engineering adheres to training the innovative application-oriented talents who have acquired “scientific

spirit, humanistic quality, and professional specialty” talent training, and carries out the talent training model of “one body with

multiple wings”,and strives hard to realize“three shifts”and“double connections”,i.e., shifting“knowledge impartation”to

“capability cultivation”, shifting“teacher-centered”to“student-centered”, and shifting“score-centered”to“result-centered”,

and course content connects with job requirements, and process of teaching connects with process of production. Students of each

program are excellent in terms of style of study and practical ability, and are well received by the cooperating institutions and

employing enterprises.

With a strong faculty, the conditions for education are excellent. This school has a professional faculty with reasonable composition

and good quality. We have 39 teachers and staff members, of which 32 are full time teachers, four staff members of lab management. 12

teachers have senior titles. In addition, we hire professionals from renowned universities, such as the Air Force Engineering

University, Northwest Polytechnic University, Xi’an University of Technology, and Xidian University, as well as some renowned

enterprises, such as Huawei Technology Company, ZTE Corporation, Cisco Systems Inc, and Xi'an Huilong as a specially invited professor or

an adviser.

Conditions for practical teaching are superior. Our construction of practical teaching bases is strongly supported by the special funds

of Shaanxi Province and the matching funds of the university. At the present, we have built 21 labs, including a lab of electronic

technology, a lab of signals and systems, a lab of communication principles, a EDA/DSP lab, a lab of high frequency electronic

circuit, a lab of virtual instruments, a lab of single chip development, a lab of computer maintenance, and a lab of computer network,

of which the total value is of 10000 thousand yaun RMB. The big data research center is being constructed with an investment of more

than 6000 thousand Yuan RMB.

We carry out school – enterprise cooperation, and our teaching model is advanced. This school has cooperated successively with

MIIT-Lanqiao Software College, Ganze Network Technology Co., Ltd., Xi'an Juqian Network Technology Co. Ltd., Xi'an international land

and Harbor Internet of Things Development Co., Ltd. Online Service outsourcing Base of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Xi'an Nangeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Xi'an Huanpu Technology Industry Development Co. Ltd., Xi'an First Wing Communication

Technology Co., Ltd., Xi'an Fangwei Technology Co., Ltd., Xi'an Canopy Network Technology Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Huanke Pulp Molding

Technology Co., Ltd., Xi'an Renle Network Technology Co. Ltd.、Xi'an Fangyu Network Technology Co., Ltd., Xi'an Sea Boat Information

Technology Co., Ltd., and Xi'an Huilong Co. Ltd., and introduce advanced technology from enterprises to classrooms, and carry out

project teaching. At the same time, we have cooperated with enterprises fruitfully in implementing the practical teaching model of

“specific job training” and “employment probation” for students.

Research achievements of the faculty are outstanding. Faculty of this schoolhas undertaken 25 research projects at national and

provincial levels, and has acquired six patents of invention, and has undertaken technological service for enterprises 10 times. The

teachers have published over 90 research papers in referred journals, and have constructed two quality courses at provincial and

university levels,as well as 12 quality courses, and have edited or participated in editing ten textbooks.

The achievements of students training are remarkable. In recent years, students of this school has participated in National College

Student Electronic Design Competition, College Student Software Design Competition, National College Student Innovative Design of

Internet of Things, Lanqiao Cup Software Competition, and National College Student Digital Modeling Competition,as well as China robot

competition and the Internet+ College Student Innovative and Entrepreneurship Competition, and have acquired outstanding achievements.

In 2015, 35 students won prizes at national level, 36 students won prizes at provincial level.

The school of Information Engineering has stipulated scientific, reasonable and forward-looking plan for development. In the three

coming years, the school will further enhance the overall level of the faculty via recruiting and training high-level talents, and have

composition of the faculty more reasonable; put the construction of disciplines of the faculty into full play, stabilize specialization

of research, strengthen the connotation construction, enhance teaching quality, and work hard to successfully establish master and

doctoral programs.

The School of Electronic Information Engineering

Talent training model of “one body with multiple wings”

“One with multiple wings” is the bachelor talent training model brought forward by Xijing University after exploration of a long

period of time, and in light of the application-oriented technical talent training goal and the Xijing school-running philosophy. This

orientation and idea is:“Adhere to full personality education and the guiding philosophy of“science plus art”,stick to the

principle of social-need orientation, the principle of featured development, highlight the principle of education by cooperation and

education by practice, as well as the principle of individualized cultivation, based in Shaanxi, extending to the west, oriented to the

front line of production, construction, management and service, and training the innovative applied technical talents who are urgently

needed by the regional economic and social development, and possess “scientific spirit, humanistic quality, and professional


The vivid metaphor of “one body with multiple wings” is: take the comprehensive training of students as the main body, and stick

multiple flying wings in students, and let them soar high. The tenet is to realize the implementation of the educational philosophy of

“teaching students according to their aptitude”; the essence is elastic credit system;the approach is to construct diversified

teaching platform, by dint of which, students perform individualized study, and diversified cultivation; the guarantee is to formulate a scientific and reasonable credit replacement handbook,and build quality platform resources. The specific interpretation is as the


One body: that is, to integrate professional ability training with full personality education in talent cultivation. “Professional

ability training” is mainly to deal with the need of economic and social development for high quality human resources, and to deal

with students’ professional development at the same time; the full personality education is to meet students’ personal development

and happiness, and in the meanwhile enhance social civilization.

The multiple wings:“wing”,the meaning of assistance, helping , supporting benevolence, aid, foster, and promotion;“Multiple wings”

means various platforms and ways for students’professional ability training and full personality education. These platforms include

offline courses, online courses, practical teaching and activities in school-enterprise cooperation, experiment and practice,

innovation and entrepreneurship, and society activities.

The talent training model of “one body with multiple wings” is that the university provides students with individualized,

differentiated and customized educational services via constructing diversified, plural and three-dimensional learning resource

platforms, and students completely carry out selective and independent study while accomplishing the stipulated study, so as to realize

individualized study and pluralistic training, and reach the goal of applied technical talent training with strong professional

ability, prefect personality and individualization.


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