School of Mechanic Engineering

​About the School of Mechanical Engineering

School of Mechanical Engineering, Xijing University is a council member institution of the Mechanical Engineering Association of Shaanxi Province. The school has established a graduate program in the field of mechanical engineering and three bachelor programs in the fields of mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, automobile service engineering as well as industrial design, among which the program of mechanical design, manufacturing and automation is a featured program at national level, and the teaching group of the program of mechanical design, manufacturing and automation has been selected as a featured teaching group at provincial level.
School of Mechanical Engineering has a faculty of 56 teachers,of whom there are three professors, 12 associate professors (including senior engineers). One teacher has been elected as a teaching master at provincial level, one teacher has been elected as a pacesetter of teacher morality at provincial level, and two teachers have been elected as teaching masters at university level. At present,the school enrolls over 1700 students. The school has two practical teaching centers, Training Center of Students of Mechanical Engineering(a provincial laboratory demonstrating center)and the Engineering House Laboratory Center, in which there are 36 labs,and the floor area is about 6200 square meters,with all kinds of equipments that meet the needs of students of mechanics for training.  

Students of automobile service engineering are manufacturing solar powered cars.

Students won the first place prize at Shaanxi Competition Area of the Comprehensive Capacity of School Students in Engineering Training

3D printing works

Students of mechanical manufacturing worked as interns at the Han River Machine


Students visited Minghsin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Students visited Semyung University, South Korea.  







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