Academic Journal

Supervised by the Education Department of Shaanxi Province and hosted by Xijing University, Journal of Xijing University is a

comprehensive academic periodical which covers natural and social sciences. As a quarterly, Journal of Xijing University started its

publication in 2003. Up to March 2016, 14 volumes including 53 issues and over 1,200 academic papers have been published. The main

columns of the Journal include theoretical research, science and technology, economics and management, education and teaching as well

as the humanities.
Journal of Xijing University (hereinafter abbreviated as the Journal) plays an active part in the work of teaching, scientific research  

and talent cultivation of our university. The Journal serves as not only a scientific garden where teachers and researchers conduct

academic exchanges but also an important window for publicizing Xijing University. In recent years, the leadership of our university

has attached great importance to the work of the Journal and offered vigorous support in manpower and finance. In particular, as

editor-in-chief of the Journal, President Ren Fang gives effective guidance to the work of the Journal. Under the joint endeavor of the

staff of the journal editorial department, the Journal has improved a lot in its over-all quality and made excellent achievements, thus

winning unanimous favorable comment from experts and readers both inside and outside of the university. As a result, the Journal won

“excellent periodical” and “the first prize for periodicals” in the 2nd and 3rd “double excellence” appraisals of the journals

hosted by privately-run colleges and universities across the country in 2011 and 2013, respectively. At present, the journal editorial

department is making great efforts to keep on improving the quality of the Journal so as to serve readers.

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