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Higher Education Institute
Higher Education Institute is a research institution that is engaged in higher education research and explores the law of running a  

university so as to provide relevant information and consulting service for leadership decision, reform and development, education

and teaching as well as internal management. Its main responsibilities are as follows:
Firstly, conduct the research of the development of our university. Concretely speaking, by combining the university’s development  

strategy and central tasks in different periods of time, it carries out special survey and puts forward analysis report to serve

management; by paying attention to the development situation of non-government colleges and universities, it collects information about

related policy, college conditions and theoretical research so as to serve leadership decision.; by coordinating the reform in our

university and conducting special research, it serve the development of the university.
Secondly, conduct academic research on higher education. By paying attention to the forefront of the field of higher education research  

home and abroad and proceeding from the reality of the university, it conducts forward-looking academic research so as to provide

reference for the development of our university.
Thirdly, deal with the daily work about higher education research, such as undertaking related research projects, taking part in the  

academic activities hosted by various higher education societies (associations) and taking charge of the affairs about higher education

research programs such as reporting, collecting and consulting.
Fourthly, organize the study of higher education theory and related policy and regulations, broaden inter-school communication and hold  

special lectures about higher education.
Besides, the Institute actively participates in the survey and demonstration of the major decisions, plans and regulations on the  

teaching work of our university and the formulation of the plans, methods and measures concerning the education and teaching reform of

our university. At the same time, by holding public lectures on the theories of higher education and the seminars about teaching reform

and teaching methods as well as conducting academic and information communication with external units, the Institute aims at further

enhancing the teaching reform and improving education quality.
Contact Information:
Tel: 029-85628012  
Address: 1 Xijing Road, Chang’an district, Xi’an city          
Zip Code: 710123

Institute of Finance and Economics    

Officially founded in 2014, the Institute of Finance and Economics of Xijing University is an on-campus academic organization of  

academic autonomy. The institute is jointly led and guided by Scientific Research Office and Accounting School of the university. The

members of the institute include 16 teachers mainly from the Financial Academic Team of Accounting School and other academic teams with

Prof. Wu Qiang as director and Assistant Prof. Li Haixia as deputy director.
The major research orientations of the institute are regional economic and financial policy, reform of financial and economic system,  

financial laws and regulations and accounting issues. The institute is strong in scientific research. In the past three years, members

of the institute have published over ten high-level papers, including two CSSCI papers and one IE index searching paper. The institute

has repeatedly won scientific research awards at provincial level or above. At present, it has 4 ongoing projects including 2 projects

at provincial department level. With young, middle-aged and old members, the institute has a scientific research echelon with clear

levels. Now the institute takes publishing articles and applying for research projects as its goal so as to forge itself a

provincial-level base of social sciences.
Contact Information:
Tel: 02985628087    13991335697  
Address: Xijing University, 1 Xijing Road, Chang’an district, Xi’an city      
Zip Code: 710123


Enterprise Management Consulting Institute of Xijing University  

Founded in 2012, Enterprise Management Consulting Institute of Xijing University has a membership of over 20, including 12 full-time  

consultants and 10 trainers. Taking the small and medium enterprises in China as its research objects, the institute mainly serves

manufacturing enterprises by providing them with consulting projects such as management consultation of production technology process,

product quality management consultation, purchasing management consultation, inventory management consultation, performance management

consultation and management training.
The institute boasts a team of consulting experts with rich professional knowledge and practical experience. On the strength of  

long-term consultation service experience and through keen observation and judgment of relevant policies and regulations, the institute

can provide clients with efficient and high-quality service by way of rigorous and meticulous attitude and professional dedication. In

the process of development, the institute always adheres to its business ideas characterized with “emphasizing practice, honoring

credibility and courageously making innovation” and has established long-term cooperation relationship with numerous production and

management enterprises, receiving wide acclaim in the industry. Since its establishment, the institute has guided more than 20

enterprises and its rate of return on investment is as high as 1:20. Particularly, the “control method of lean six sigma management”

presided over by Prof. He Xiaoqun has become a mature management mode, which has been recognized by many small and medium enterprises.  
The service items of the institute:
•Longitudinal Research Projects (Government Sponsored Research Projects):  
National-level natural science foundation projects
National-level social science foundation projects
Research projects of the economic development program and management subjects authorized by various departments under Shaanxi  

provincial government
•Latitudinal research projects (enterprise-funded research projects):
Help enterprises to work out medium and long term strategic planning and deduction;  
Help enterprises to plan, set up and evaluate their training system;  
Supply performance management and consulting service;  
Design the application scheme including performance assessment standards, management process, and management system and performance  

assessment results;
Supply the optimized design and reconstruction scheme of organizational structure;
Supply the scheme of enterprise informatization management;  
Provide the quality control scheme of enterprise production process;  
Provide the optimized scheme of enterprise inventory management.  
List of partial courses on enterprise training:
Lean six sigma quality management;  
Sand table exercise on the management process of industrial enterprises;  
Promote the invitatory carry rate of raw materials and reduce enterprise operation risk;  
Promote delivery ability and reach the goal of output value;  
Raise the rate of accurate delivery of orders and promote the growth of revenue;
Raise the inventory carry rate of raw materials and reduce enterprise operation risk;
Raise the inventory carry rate of finished products and cash-flow ability;  
Value Creation by Integrating Financial Management into Business in Transition Period——Putting Management Accounting into Practice
Internet +Marketing Strategy;
Planning of Strategic Compensation  
Contact Information:
Tel: 02963392961    13891897567
Address: Xijing University, 1 Xijing Road, Chang’an District, Xi’an City      
Zip Code: 710123

The Art Institute of Xijing University
The Art Institute of Xijing University is a public welfare institution engaged in artistic creation and research. Taking “art  

education, art scientific research and artistic creation” as its development strategy, the art institute concentrates on the following

fields: artistic creation and research, re-cultivation of advanced art teaching professionals, art popularization and the training and

coaching of education talents and art consulting service. An organizational institution is made up of famous painting and calligraphy

artists, experts and professors. A research institution is composed of calligraphists, painters and relevant professionals. The Art

Institute, together with the professional teachers scholars and artists of Xijing University, conducts the research and exchanges on

the culture and art of Xijing University, develops artistic creation and cultural projects as well as the exchanges and academic

seminars in various forms at home and abroad so as to provide a good platform to gradually advance toward the industrialization of

cultural cause and upgrade the academic strength and image of Xijing University.
Job Contents of the Institute:
1. Take a teaching-based approach to complete the teaching tasks assigned by the university;
2. Hold regular research result exhibitions and academic activities of research forums;  
3. Organize the artistic creation, design and exhibition participation of the School of Art;  
4. Organize and take part in the project approval and compiling of textbooks for higher education;  
5. Organize and take part in the affairs about the works, picture albums and papers of the school of art;  
6. Organize and strive for scientific research projects of art:
7. Open various classes such as advanced research classes and success-promoting classes to cultivate advanced artistic professionals;
8. Conduct academic exchanges and publicize research results;  
9. Found the institute’s periodical to publicize the various academic achievements of Xijing University.  
Organizational setup: an exhibition hall, an office, a traditional Chinese painting studio, a calligraphy studio, an oil painting  

studio, director’s studio, a room for imitating traditional Chinese paintings and a room for imitating oil paintings.    
Contact Information:
Address: Yifang Building, Xijing University.
Zip Code:710123

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