The Department of Network Security and Data

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In March 2014, according to the demand for smart campus construction and the basic principle of “letting professionals do professional work”, Xijing University, via the   giant department reform, set up the Department of Network Security and Data which is subdivided into comprehensive office, network center, information center, data center, all-purpose card center and monitoring center.
At present, the backbone bandwidth within the university is Mbps, which connects to the Internet through two lines built on version 4 of the Internet Protocol including China Telecom (500M) and China Education and Research Network (200M). Up to now, Campus Network has covered all the buildings in the university, including all student dormitories.  
The staff of the Department of Network Security and Data will continue to adhere to the working standard featuring “security, secrecy, technology, responsibility and coordination” to lay a solid foundation for realizing the goal of building a well-known international high-level application-oriented university and providing advanced network environment for the teaching, scientific research and management of the university. For detailed information,please click the Department of Network Security and Data(in Chinese). 


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