Scientific Research Office

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As the scientific research management department of our university, Scientific Research Office is mainly in charge of the following affairs: Firstly, formulate regulations of scientific research management and encourage teachers to actively take part in scientific research to facilitate the organic combination between teaching and scientific research;Secondly, organize teachers to conduct the report of the projects of various levels and categories, manage approved projects and supervise the conclusion of projects to ensure the completion of projects;Thirdly, do well the work of the registration, management and achievement reward report of scientific research achievements to accelerate the popularization and application of the achievements;Fourthly, be responsible for the report, review and evaluation of scientific research projects at our university level and encourage the young teachers of our university to independently conduct various projects of basic research and applied research so as to prepare for obtaining vertical (government-funded) scientific research projects and horizontal (enterprise-funded) projects; Last but not the least, help teachers to make patent applications, manage various patents and prompt patent achievements to transform into productive force. Scientific Research Office includes Journal Editorial Department, which is mainly in charge of the edition and publication of Journal of Xijing University.For detailed information,please click Scientific Research Office(in Chinese).


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