Center for College Students'Development and Service

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The main responsibilities of the Center for College Students’ Development and Service are as follows. By closely centering on the development strategy of the University characterized with “building the university on quality, invigorating the university through its characteristics and strengthening the university through talents”, the Center takes the security and stability of the university as its top priority. By taking the improvement of students’ comprehensive quality as its objective, the Center makes the construction of favorable style of study its central task. By adhering to the tenets characterized with taking education as a fundamental task and moral education as a precondition, conducting scientific management and offering sincere service, the Center shoulders the responsibility of educating, managing and serving all students. The Center is subdivided into comprehensive office, section of students’ affairs, section of student development (including the center for financial aid), center for mental health education and the center for employment guidance and service. For detailed information, please click the Center for College Students'Development and Service(in Chinese).


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