Labor Union

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   Founded in 2002, the Labor Union of Xijing University is a mass organization formed by the teaching and administrative staff of

their own free will. It represents the interests of the staff and protects the legal rights and interests of the staff according to

law. At present, Labor Union has Labor Union Committee, Funds Audit of Labor Union, Female Staff Committee and ten branch labor unions.

The Labor Union has five full-time cadres and sixty part-time cadres. Now, over 98% of the staff has joined the organization. In 2006,

the system of the teachers’ congress was set up. Since then, the teachers’ congress has been convened at least once every year. In

recent years, under the firm leadership of the CPC Committee of Xijing University and the vigorous support of the Board of Directors

and administrative authority of the university, Labor Union has made excellent achievements.For detailed information,please click Labor Union(in Chinese)


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