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  Founded in April 2002, Archive of Xijing University is a triple-A unit of archives management objective authentication in Shaanxi

Province. The archive is subdivided into office and section of information. The archive has a membership of nine, eight of whom have

junior college education or above. With a total area of over 1,000 square meters, the archive has realized three separations including

office, storeroom and reading room. In addition, the archive is equipped with computers, photocopiers, printers, scanners,

air-conditioners, TV sets, antimagnetic cabinets and file exhibition rooms.

  As a specialized department in charge of archives work of our university, Archive of Xijing University not only makes overall

planning, organization and coordination for the archival work of the university and conducts supervision and guidance on the archival

work of each filing unit of the university, but also shoulders the responsibilities such as safekeeping, developing and making use of

various files. In addition, it is responsible for the information statistical management of our university. For detailed information,

please click the Archive of Xijing University. (in Chinese)


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