University Emblem

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Brief Paraphrasing of the Emblem of Xijing University:
Firstly, the toothed wheel represents the engineering-based characteristics of Xijing University;
Secondly, both the name and the motto of Xijing University are written by Prof. Ren Wan-jun, founder of the university;
Thirdly, in the middle of the emblem are two Chinese characters “西京” (Xijing) in the small seal style, which express the  

relationship between the university and its surroundings geographically, historically and culturally;
Fourthly, the shield-shaped pattern in the circle symbolizes the style and spirit of the university characterized with exploration,  

innovation and persistence;
Last but not the least, the motto of “integrity, health, erudition and ability” inlaid on the silk-ribbon pattern indicates the  

university’s spiritual connotation and pursuit in cultivating overall-developed talents.


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