University’s Graduation Song

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The graduation song of Xijing University goes as follows:


Below are the main ideas of the song:
On Shenhe Tableland and beside Juhe River is our beautiful campus. In this campus, we are weaving our ideal. While there is a road  

in the forest of books, there is no ending in the sea of art. Our teachers are guiding us gently, and our president’s speech is grave

and earnest. Ah! After being cut and polished, raw jades turn into precious articles. Similarly, after being refined for hundreds of

times, rough gold becomes very useful. Ah! Our alma mater will be always on our mind. Dear schoolmates, please keep frequent contacts

with each other. Ah! Teachers are unforgettable! Ah! Our president is also unforgettable. We will always remember our precious years of youth and

wonderful time spent in Xijing!


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