Xijing University Joined hands with Shaanxi Normal University in holding the ceremony of issuing PAT qualification certificates to Chinese teachers for foreigners.

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On the afternoon of Feb.21, the ceremony of issuing PAT qualification certificates to Chinese teachers for foreigners was held by         Xijing         University     together with the Press of Shaanxi Normal University.


Kang Weiduo, deputy chief editor of Shaanxi Normal University Press, Liu Zhengwen, director of the PAT project, Guo Jie, vice-president of our university, Xiao Jianjun, director of the department of teaching affairs in our university and Xie Junping, dean of the department of foreign languages of our university attended the ceremony of issuing certificates. In addition, they issued the certificates of Chinese teachers for foreigners to nine students majoring in International Chinese Education in the class of 2013.  

At the ceremony, Kang gave his full approval of the professional quality of the student of the specialty in our university. Moreover, he praised the 8 students of the specialty in our university who went to      Thailand   for their internship last October for their outstanding performance. Liu explained to the students in the classes of 2014 and 2015 of our university the employment prospect and overseas employment programs. Finally, Guo delivered her speech, approving the achievements made by the students. At the same time, she placed a higher expectation on them, congratulating the nine students beforehand on doing well in their teaching exchange in Thailand in the future.  



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