Ren Fang took part in the opening ceremony of the 5th session of the 12th CPPCC

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On the afternoon of March 3, the 5thsession of the national committee of the 12thChinese People’s Political Conference was opened in the People’s Hall in Beijing . At this session, members of the CPPCC heard and deliberated the working report and the report about proposals since the 4thsession of the CPPCC given by the standing committee of the national committee of the CPPCC.

2134 members of the national committee of the CPPCC gathered in the People’s Hall. Ren Fang, president of Xijing University also took part in the opening ceremony as a 12thCPPCC member. At the session this year, she mainly put forward two proposals. Firstly, she suggested strengthening the training of those engaged in e-commerce in rural areas, including the training of the personnel in government management and public service so as to upgrade the understanding and knowledge of e-commerce on the part of the personnel in the department of public service. Product quality traceability system should be established to form the system of the Internet of Things including the inspection & quarantine, online sales and online inquiry of agricultural products in order to regulate producers with standards and supervision and make consumers rest assured to purchase the products. For the area characterized with continuous poverty and inconvenient transportation as well as remote mountainous areas, the supportive policy suited to the local development reality should be formulated. Based on infrastructure, efforts are made to change the basic conditions that restrict the development of e-commerce in rural areas.


Secondly, in her opinion, the inundation of the imitations of Terra Cotta Warriors with poor quality constitutes a kind of intangible damage to the iconic cultural relic of Shaanxi . She also mentioned the common practice of selling the rubbings of ancient stone tablets at the Academy Gate in Xi’an . She thought that random imitation and development are doing harm to the image of the culture in Shaanxi and the burgeoning cultural and creative industries in the province. She expressed that she would make the relevant proposal at the national CPPCC, suggesting that the state should consider the enactment of related laws to protect the intellectual property of cultural relics.


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