Mr. Qu Yingchao gave a lecture in Xijing University

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On March 14, Mr. Qu Yingchao, a famous calligrapher and educator came to Xijing University to give a lecture called “Of Calligraphy” in “Xijing Seminar”. In addition, he attended the reading salon with the theme of “artistic life”, thus giving a wonderful calligraphy lecture to the teachers and students of our university. Mr. Qu is 72 years old. As a member of Chinese Calligraphers Association, he has published more than 5,000 calligraphic works and inscribed the title for Hua Shang Daily.

During his lecture, Mr. Qu said emotionally, “Seeing so many youthful faces, I can’t help thinking of the image of myself when I was young. Young people are the hope of the future. I’m very glad to stay with you.” The students present actively asked questions in the fields such as calligraphy creation, artistic life and Chinese culture. And Mr. Qu gave his replies one by one. According to him, education is the root of invigorating the country and private education has a good prospect. The culture of calligraphy is facing a very good development situation. So a broad prospect of calligraphic art is being unfolding to private higher learning institutions. Chinese calligraphy has entered into the list of world intangible cultural heritage. Now calligraphy has become an optional course in colleges and universities across our country.


This salon was presided over by Prof. Ren Ruijinfeng of our university.


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