A party from the English First paid a visit to our university

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On March 28, Zhao Chongji, chief executive officer of English First in charge of study in China, Wang Junjie, inspector-general in charge of study, travel, academic and cooperation affairs of the EF and another five members of the organization paid a visit to our university. President Ren Fang, Director of International Exchange Center Ren Changjiang, Director of the Language Learning Center under the Department of Foreign Languages Su Xuejing and others received the visiting guests in No.6 Conference Room of the Administrative Building .

During the talks, Ren Fang gave a brief introduction to the history, existing scale and present situation in international exchange and cooperation of Xijing University . She pointed out that with the globalization in college education and the re-allocation of economic entities and global resources, the internationalization in education is an inevitable trend. As far as Xijing University is concerned, its present education mode should be geared to the demand of society. Integrated innovation should be stressed to vigorously enhance the reform of talent training mode. Through study abroad, students can obtain an international vision. By way of short-term experience of culture and life, students can feel some exotic elements. She said that Xijing University will gradually form its own global classroom in the future.

On behalf on the EF, Zhao Chongji extended a cordial greeting to our university. He emphasized that both the EF and Xijing University have a similar internationalized school-running idea. Education internationalization has upgraded the quality of classroom teaching by a large margin, providing more students with different cultures. Then he gave basic information of the EF. Under the EF, there are 16 subordinate institutions and non-profit organizations, which supply various education courses, including language learning, study abroad, degree programs and cultural exchanges. In the light of the mission of “Education makes the world know no boundary”, the EF has helped people of each age group and different nationalities to study language. In addition, it helps to handle affairs concerning study abroad. Now, the branches of the EF spread over 50 countries across the world. The number of its employees has reached more than 40,000. It has helped over 15 millions students to realize the dream of studying abroad.

The visit paid by them has increased mutual understanding between the EF and Xijing University . Moreover, bilateral cooperation fields and manners were planned in an integrated way, which has laid a solid foundation for the exchanges and cooperation in the future.


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