Yu Minhong came to Xijing University

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On the afternoon of March 17, at the invitation of President Ren Fang, Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental Group, came to our university to give a report in the Small Auditorium.

At the outset of the report, with the help of humorous yet interesting expressive mode, Mr. Yu got close to the teachers and students present emotionally before delivering a warm speech. By combining his experience of growth, he elaborated on how to be happy and how to attain success, which was witty and profound. He said that in the course of struggle for life, one should have endless curiosity and his or her own pursuit. One should cherish a full love for life. One should ceaselessly craze to vie with others in obtaining better conditions and greater achievements. Instead, one should make greater progress than others. He encouraged students to realize a goal and make further effort every day. Only in this way can one get closer and closer to the target in his or her mind.

When talking about how the New Oriental Group was established, he said that even though you do not know whether you are sure to achieve success in the end, you must make unflinching effort. There is no need to compare with others if you do your favorite and the real adversary is no other than yourself. In his opinion, the objective of struggle is neither to earn much money nor to obtain wealth but to make you become better in the process and constantly upgrade your glamour. Possessing this intangible asset is a thing that deserves pride.

The heart-stirring report came to an end in students’ standing ovation.


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