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With the improvement of school-running quality and the elevation of school-running level, our university is enjoying higher and higher recognition in society and industries. Recently, seven authoritative academic periodicals including Journal of Functional Polymers, Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, Nuclear Power Engineering, Journal on Communications, Chinese Journal of Aeronautics, Finance and Accounting Monthly and Machine Tool & Hydraulics have respectively publicized the seven science & research platforms of our university, such as the key lab of photoelectric material with organic polymers, the research center of concrete structure safety and durability, the research center of controllable neutron source and it’s application engineering technology, the research center of Internet of Things and big data technology, the research & development center of intelligent control technology, the research center of accounting audit information and the research & development center of intelligent manufacturing.

The seven academic periodicals have mainly publicized and recommended the following aspects such as the basic information of platform construction, the research orientations of the science & research platform, the staff composition of the platform and academic achievements.

The large-scale report by relevant authoritative academic periodicals will further upgrade the popularity and reputation of our university to lay a sound public opinion foundation for the development of the university in science and research in the future.


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