Students from our university won the first prize for MCM/ICM in 2017

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Recently, the results of MCM/ICM have been announced. A total of ten students from our university took part in the contest. Finally, three students as a team won an item of Meritorious Winner while other seven students won two items of Honorable Mention and one item of Successful Participant.

MCM/ICM is a kind of all English continuous online contests. Under the guidance of the coaching staff of the School of Sciences , participants from our university, after the strenuous struggle lasting 96 hours, ended up in achieving excellent results. It is the first time that our university has won the most prizes in number since it took part in such competition.

Through this activity, participants experienced the perfect combination between math and life. Through practice, they built up their ability to analyze and solve problems. Through division and coordination, they experienced the power of team. By way of software programming, document retrieval and reading as well as the writing of English papers, the professional level of the participants has been effectively improved and their international vision has been broadened.



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