Participants from our university clinched the first prize in the National Contest for Accounting Cases.

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On April 22 and 23, the 4th “Qi Ke Cheng” Cup Final of the Tryouts of Accounting and Business Management Cases for the College Students from Four Regions across the Taiwan Straits (Chinese mainland) kicked off in        University   of        International Business   and Economics in         Beijing     . A total of 7 representative teams from the         School     of         Accounting     of our university won prizes. Of these, two participating teams obtained the first prize and the rest two and tree teams won the second and third prizes, respectively. In addition, our university got the honorary title of “Best Organization Award”.


The final was attended by 129 teams from universities such as Central University of Finance and Economics,     Xiamen     University   and      Nankai      University   . After intense competition, the postgraduate team guided by Zhao Huili (a faculty member of our university), and the undergraduate team guided by Liu Fulai (another faculty member of our university) from our university won the first prize for the first time. During the competition, teachers and students from our university cooperated whole-heartedly and spared no effort, displaying their excellent spiritual style.  

This competition was cosponsored by the Business Industry Chamber under China Chamber of International Commerce and China Commercial Accounting Institute, undertaken by the Education & Training Department of the Business Industry Chamber under China Chamber of International Commerce and co-organized by the      Training      Center   for Business International Exchange under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.  


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