Our university was invited to take part in the symposium on innovative development of non-governmental vocational education

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On March 31 and April 1, the symposium on the innovative development of non-governmental vocational education sponsored by China Vocational Education Association was held in Suzhou . More than 100 representatives from non-governmental vocational colleges and training institutions engaged in vocational education across the country participated in the symposium. Wang Jinrong, assistant to the president of our university and Bian Wei, director of No.2 Office of Teaching Affairs were invited to attend this symposium.

Wang Zuoshu, President of the Chinese Association for Non-Government Education and former Vice-Chairman of China Vocational Education Association attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech. Other experts and scholars made in-depth analysis on the development of the reform and innovation on vocational education from different aspects. By combining the effects achieved in the reform of talent cultivation mode and the method of cultivating innovative talents since the transformation development of our university, Wang and Bian conducted full communication with the representatives present, obtaining their high praise and full recognition of the practice teaching mode characterized with industry-education integration, university-enterprise cooperation and educating students through competitions.

During the conference, the representatives paid a visit to Suzhou Industrial Park Institute of Vocational Technology. In the course of the visit, Wei Heng, Vice-President of the institute gave a detailed introduction of the profile of the institute as well as specialty features, institutional and mechanism innovations.


This symposium facilitated the theatrical research on the innovative development of non-governmental vocational education and the exchange of practical experience, which has provided a referential idea for our university to carry out the innovative practice of vocational education, deepen the reform and innovation of vocational education and reform the training pattern of higher vocational talents.



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