Introduction of high art into our campus

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On the evening of April 7, the special performance entitled “the introduction of high art into the campus in 2017, namely, China National Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble Walked into Xijing University ” was held in the auditorium of our university. The activity was jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Finance.

Amid Happy Dance showed by the ensemble, the performance kicked off. In the performance lasting nearly two hours, artists from the ensemble performed a series of shows sincerely and earnestly, bringing us an audio-visual feast.


As a token of expressing thanks to the artists from afar, representing the students of Xijing University , students of the contemporary dance team from the college students’ art troupe of our university performed a Xinjiang dance called Whirling, Whirling, Whirling, winning a burst of applauses. In addition, students of our university sang the folk songs in northern Shaanxi in antiphonal style with the artists. With incessantly interaction on and off stage, the atmosphere in the auditorium reached its climax.


During the performance, artists and the host explained the artistic performance culture of ethnic minorities as well as the knowledge about the typical musical instruments and the styles of folk songs of various nationalities, respectively. In addition, they invited students to go up onto the platform and try to play national musical instruments and feel their unique glamour. All in all, the performance succeeded in combining performance, explanation, artistic appreciation, knowledge popularization and interactive experience into one so as to cultivate students through beauty and shape them through culture.


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