The 1st Studio of Academician Stationed in a Private University in China Has Been Set Up in Xijing University.

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On the morning of May 11, the nameplate unveiling ceremony of the studio of academician He Jifeng, a famous scientist of computer software, was held in our university.

Li Zhijun, vice secretary of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Working Committee of Higher Education, Zhang Shuling, vice secretary of the CPC Provincial Working Committee of Science & Technology, Zhang Wenbo, vice director of Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Ren Wanjun, chairman of the Board of Xijing University and so on jointly unveiled the nameplate of “Studio of Academician He Jifeng”.  

                          Ren Wanjun awarded the engagement letter to Academician He Jifeng as a chief scientist.

Wang Junzhou, director of the Organization Department under the CPC Provincial Working Committee of Higher Education, Wang Jun, director of the Policy and Regulation Division of the Provincial Department of Science & Technology, Hao Xiaojing, vice director of the Division of Degree Management and Postgraduate Education under the Provincial Department of Education, Ren Fang, president of Xijing University, Ma Yongxia, secretary of the Party Committee of Xijing University, Su Ming, managing vice president of Xijing University as well as Guo Jie and Huang Wenzhun, vice presidents of Xijing University, attended the nameplate unveiling ceremony.


At the ceremony, Academician He Jifeng said that as a monument of private universities,      Xijing      University   has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents for the Western Region and that from the development history of      Xijing      University   , it can be found that      Xijing      University   has created the miracle of the development of the private higher education in       China     . He expressed that he will try his best to devote himself to the discipline construction and make contribution to cultivating the talents of related disciplines.  

Before the ceremony, Academician He Jifeng paid a visit to the Studio of Academician,       Research         Center     of the Internet of Things and Big Data Technology, the Exhibition House of the History of Xjing University as well as related scientific research platforms.  

More than 60 people including middle-level cadres and representatives of faculty members and students from the         School     of         Information Engineering     attended the ceremony.  

Brief Introduction to Mr. He Jifeng:  

He Jifeng is an academician of      Chinese      Academy   of Sciences, computer software specialist and professor from       East         China         Normal         University     . He was born in Aug. 1943 in       Shanghai     . After graduation from Department of Mathematics of       Fudan         University     , he successively worked as teaching assistant and lecturer. In 1986, he was promoted to professor. From 1980 to 1981, he became a visiting scholar in      Stanford      University   and      University   of      San Francisco   , respectively, in the       USA     . From 1983 to 1998, he worked as a senior researcher at the computer lab in      Oxford      University   in the       UK     . From 1998 on, he served as a senior researcher at the institute of international software technology of       United         Nations         University     . In 2002, he became one of the first lifetime professors in       East         China         Normal         University     . In 2005, he was elected as academician of       Chinese         Academy     of Sciences. Now he is dean of the      School   of      Computer Science   and Software Engineering,       East         China         Normal         University     , president of Hangzhou Institute of Service Engineering, director, professor and doctoral supervisor of Shanghai Embedded System Institute and president of Shanghai Kaiyuan Big Data Institute. He works as the chief scientist of the topic projects such as the major research plans of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Program 973 of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Program 863. He plays a leading role in the innovative research group under the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Besides, he has published two English monographs and over 160 articles in international periodicals and conferences with over 4000 non-self-cited times.  



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