A Faculty Member from Xijing University Obtained an Honorary Title of “Excellent Instructors of National Private Universities”.

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Recently, the 3rd Peak Forum of the Instructor Work of National Private Universities and Award Ceremony of Excellent Instructors from National Private Universities were held in         Kunming     ,         Yunnan     province. Sun Hongbin, an instructor from Zhicheng Extra-curricular Academy in our university won the honorary title of “excellent instructor in national private universities in the year of 2017”.


The selection of “Excellent Instructors in National Private Universities” is organized by the Student Workers’ Joint Committee of National Private Universities. 139 such universities participated in the selection throughout the country. As an instructor of our university, Sun Hongbin stood out from many competitors, fully displaying the spiritual appearance and comprehensive quality of the team of instructors in our university and manifesting the prominent achievement made in the student work by our university.


Xijing    University   always pays high attention to the construction of instructor team. Efforts are made to continuously improve the instructors’ theoretical level and professional ability. The university is dedicated to forging a team of professionalized and specialized instructors characterized with high political awareness, outstanding style of work and strict discipline so as to make unremitting contribution to starting a new undertaking and building a high-level university.  


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