Academician He Jifeng Came to Xijing University for Research Work.

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On June 7, He Jifeng, an academician of       Chinese         Academy     of Sciences and computer software expert, came to our university to conduct 4-day scientific research work.  

On the morning of the following day, the Studio of Academician He Jifeng in      Xijing      University   held a symposium of “agricultural cloud projects in       Shaanxi     province” in the meeting room of the center for internet of things and big data.


At the symposium, centering on the agricultural cloud project planning of the NDRC, academician He delivered a special lecture titled “the solution to intelligent agriculture through Jinyuan equation.”  

Based on the issues such as the construction of the system of internet of things of Jinyuan agriculture, the purchase of healthy and safe products on the part of consumers, the livelihood project of the government, the establishment of social credit system, enterprise brand creation and the realization of product manufacturing standardization and enhancement of added value, the academician gave a detailed introduction of the construction plan of intelligent agriculture from three aspects including agricultural internet of things, intelligent traceability and traceable light e-commerce platform. Through living examples, he demonstrated the research results and successful application cases of intelligent agriculture and put forward the 4-dimensional integrated construction mode of intelligent agriculture characterized with corporate investment, government subsidies, market participation and supervision under authoritative organizations.  

The symposium was attended by Zhang Shuling, vice secretary of the CPC Provincial Working Committee of Science & Technology, Mou Hongjiang, head of a division under Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Huang Wenzhun, vice-president of Xijing University, Miao Zongcheng, director of Scientific Research Division, Guo Jianxin, dean of the School of Information Engineering as well as other relevant faculty members of our university. The symposium was chaired by Huang Wenzhun.  

Vice-president Huang gave a summary speech, emphasizing that science and technology should serve the development of local economy and that scientific research should not work behind closed doors. Instead, scientific research should walk out of the campus, understand the demand of market and solve specific problems in practical production so as to boost the development of featured agriculture in         Shaanxi     .    

After the symposium, Academician He held an in-depth discussion with the leaders and the teachers of our university on issues such as project construction plans and project promotion. In addition, he answered the questions that had been raised one by one.    


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