Chen Baosheng Came to Xijing University for Investigation.

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On the afternoon of June 18, accompanied by Liang Gui, a member of standing committee of the CPC Shaanxi provincial committee and executive vice governor, Wang Xiaochi, deputy secretary general of Shaanxi provincial government, Dong Xiaolong, secretary of the Working Committee of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee, and Wang Jianli, director of Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government, Chen Baosheng, minister of the Ministry of Education, and his party came to our university to conduct investigation and inspection.  

When visiting the student dormitories, Minister Chen expressed his appreciation toward the standard room for four students equipped with an air-conditioner, a liquid crystal display television and an independent toilet. Chen had a cordial talk with students, inquiring about their study and living conditions. He was pleased with the exemplary role played by “demonstrated Party member dormitories” and “instructors stationed in apartment blocks”.

Beside the            Puyu             Park       , Minister Chen repeatedly praised the beautiful campus environment of our university. Hearing the introduction to the Engineering Workshop, the            Training             Center       , the construction of labs, facilities about experiment and practical training as well as the library of our university given by Ren Wanjun, chairman of the Board of Xijing University and Ren Fang, president of the university, the minister said, “All of these are necessary to a high-level university. The university boasts a complete construction of labs, a lot of facilities and instruments, rich collections of the library as well as a beautiful campus environment. Well done!”

In the            Scientific             Research             Building       , Minister Chen and his party knew about the general situation of the scientific research in our university and paid a visit to the high-performance well logging neutron tubes and element measurement instruments which stand at the leading level in the country. He praised the scientific research conducted by our university.    

Then, the minister and his party visited the achievement exhibition of the teaching of undergraduates and postgraduates. Hearing students’ introduction, Minister Chen said to them encouragingly, “You have made good results. You are very excellent. Very good! You should continue your effort and keep up the good work in the future.”  

In “Studio of Academician He Jifeng” in our university, Minister Chen and his party visited “Center for Internet of Things and Big Data”. He had a detailed understanding of the “agricultural cloud” project headed by Academician He Jifeng and taken part in by over 40 high-level researchers. Moreover, he cordially shook hands with them.  

In the end, Minister Chen and his party visited the Center for Mental Health Consultation of Xijing University, the only demonstration center for mental health in private universities in our country.

Chairman Ren Wanjun, President Ren Fang, the CPC committee secretary Ma Yongxia, managing vice president Su Ming, vice presidents Guo Jie, Ma Chengsheng and Huang Wenzhun of our university kept company with the minister and his party in investigation.      



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