Overseas Study Group of Our University Returned from France

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Recently, the 1st overseas study group of our university returned from        Yncrea      Engineering      University   located in        Lille   , a city situated in northern         France     . During their stay in France, the student of the overseas study group were welcomed and warmly accepted by Philippe Biela Enberg, director of Department of International Affairs, Anne, vice director of International Office and Alexandre Wang, director of Department of Chinese Affairs. The overseas study group is composed of the students in the program of “      Sino-French      Engineer      School   ” of our university and two postgraduates from the         School     of         Mechanical Engineering     under our university. The study duration is a week. This is the first overseas study activity since the establishment of “Sino-French Engineer School” between Xijing University and Yncrea Engineering University on Sept. 10, 2016.


In     France   , the staff from Yncrea gave the student from our university a detailed introduction about the historical background and development situation of      Yncrea      Engineering      University   . Through the two courses Image Processing and French Class, the students from our university experienced instruction given in French language. In addition, they conducted an in-depth communication with French students. At the same time, the student of our university paid a visit to HEI Lab and ADICODE Innovative Workshop. They had a taste of the pattern of French education and teaching, experienced exotic culture and custom and broadened their international vision. Meanwhile, a solid foundation was laid for our students to study at YNCREA in the future.  

According to related reports, originally named HEI-ISA-ISEN Engineering University Association,         Yncrea         Engineering         University     was founded in 1885. It is one of the famous universities dedicated to cultivating senior engineers in        Europe   .    


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