Dr. Hong Huaqing from NTU Invited to Come to Xijing University to Give a Lecture.

July 16, 2017  the number of hits:[]

At the invitation of President Ren Fang, on the afternoon of June 16, Dr. Hong Huaqing from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore gave a special lecture entitled “the teaching reform under the drive of big data-aided learning analysis” to the teaching management staff and representatives of teachers in our university. The lecture was chaired by Ren Fang. Guo Jie, vice president in charge of teaching affairs of our university, the staff from Office of Teaching Affairs, the Second Office of Teaching Affairs and the Center for Faculty Development as well as teaching management cadres, deans of teaching research and outstanding teachers from various departments and schools attended and listened to the lecture.

After the lecture, centering on issues such as course construction, reform of teaching methods and means and learning management, the teachers attending the lecture held an in-depth discussion with Dr. Hong. They highly identified with the teaching mode featuring the deep combination between informatization intelligence education and big data analysis proposed by Dr. Hong, saying that this lecture is refreshing and benefits them a lot.  


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