The Studio of Academician He Jifeng Was Invited to Take Part in World Kiwifruit Conference.

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At 9 oclock on the morning of Oct. 13, the World Kiwifruit Conference and the 6th China-Shaanxi (Mei County) Kiwifruit Industry Development Conference was successfully held in Mei County, Shaanxi Province.  

Led by Vice-president Huang Wenzhun, the team member of Studio of Academician He Jifeng under Xijing University attended the conference. The team members include Academician He Jifeng, Prof. Huang Wenzhun, Prof. Yang Yongsheng, Prof. Guo Jianxin, Director Wang Tao, Dr. Li Linsen, Dr. Xing Zhuo, Dr. Ma Yahong, Dr. Fan Xiaojiao, Dr. Li Shenghong and so on.          

Before the conference, led by the related leaders of Mei County, participants in the conference paid a visit to the office space and seminar room of Academician He in Mei County.

After the conference was opened, Academician He was invited to deliver his congratulatory speech. He congratulated beforehand the complete success of the conference. In addition, he gave a brief introduction to the project Shaanxi Agricultural Cloud led by his studio. With the characteristic fruit (kiwi fruit) in Mei County, Shaanxi Province as a breakthrough, the project has been specifically carried out as the project Industry Cloud of Kiwi Fruit. The systematic solution of the project is as follows. With government-industry-university-research-application cooperation as a starting point, the solution to the poverty relief requirements of Mei County and the thorny technological business problems as a foothold and the modern targeted eco-agriculture including new information technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computation, big data, artificial intelligence and information security as well as the business mode innovation featuring Internet Plus as a resort, efforts are made to deeply research the frontier approaches of modern agriculture such as digital agriculture and industrialized agriculture, new technology and new-type business modes. For the first time, the studios has put forth and explored the mechanism of nourishing of life and health so as to deal with the long-term problems such as the relative backwardness of agricultural production technology, the long period of production and investment and the singleness of famers income. The purpose is to realize the long-range objective of intelligent agriculture, green agriculture and high-efficiency agriculture so as to better serve the poverty alleviation, peoples livelihood, the development of county economy and agriculture modernization of Mei County.

Having successively held five development conferences of kiwi fruit industry, this year, Mei County will upgrade its level to hold world kiwi fruit conference so as to comprehensively enhance the brand recognition of Kiwi Fruit of Mei County and market influence, consolidate the position of the kiwi fruit industry of Mei County in Shaanxi and even China at large and push the brand to the world.  

Situated in the western part of the central Shaanxi plain, Mei County boasts the most abundant wild kiwi fruit resource in the world, which is recognized by experts at home and abroad as the best area for cultivating kiwi fruits.



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