Aerobics Team from Our University Won National Championship in the 13th Healthy Vitality Contest for Chinese College Students

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On Nov. 22, sponsored by Federation of University Sports of China (FUSC), implemented by the Branch Federation of Aerobics and Rhythmic Gymnastics under FUSC, undertaken by the Peoples Government of Chunan County, Zhejiang Province, and supported by Sports Bureau of Chunan County and Zhejiang Provincial Federation of Aerobics, the 13th Healthy Vitality Contest for Chinese College Students opened in Gymnasium of Chunan County. The contest was classified into the high-level category and the category of sports colleges and universities. According to statistics, the contest was participated in by over 2,000 athletes and coaches from 172 colleges and universities across the county. It is really a high-standard athletics event.

Faced with the opponents from other colleges and universities in the country, athletes from Xijing University, on the strength of the spirit of tough struggle, gave steady play to their potential, thus conquering the umpires on the site through their perfect cooperation and consummate skills. At last, they achieved excellent results such as a championship of womens aerobic dancing, a runner-up of aerobic dancing in the form of eight-woman group, a third winner in stipulated womens aerobic step and the 4th winner of aerobic dancing in the form of mixed eight players. At the same time, Li Yan, coach of the athletes from our university, won the title called Outstanding National Level Coach issued by the organizing committee.  

As a Chinese proverb goes, the modest receive benefit while the conceited reap failure. The aerobics team of Xijing University will continue to maintain the attitude characterized by persistence instead of stubbornness and earnest rather than overly seriousness. Through painstaking training, prominent results and never-say-die spirit, they display their elegant demeanor of the students of Xijing University in the new era on the field.



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