President Ren Fang Led Outstanding Teachers in Our University to Take Part in the 1st Liangjiatan International Education Forum

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On Oct.9, 2017 the 1st Liangjiatan International Education Forum was held in Shangri-La Hotel, Gaoxin district, Xian city. Dr. Ren Fang, president of our university, and almost 20 outstanding teachers took part in this forum.  

On the morning of this day, Li Yi,member of the standing committee of municipal Party committee, secretary of Party working committee of Gaoxin district and secretary of Party committee of aerospace base, and Fang Guanghua, deputy mayor of the Peoples Government of Xian City unveiled the nameplate for Liangjiatan International School. Xu Yongsheng, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League Shaanxi Provincial Committee awarded the plate to the Camp for International Exchange of Children and Youth in Shaanxi Province. Chao Chunping, vice-director of Xian Municipal Education Bureau made the prospect of the internationalization development of the education in Xian. On the afternoon of the day, there were activities including Theme Sharing of School-running and Leadership of Principals of International Schoolsand the speech deliveredby the group of doctors of education from University of Southern California in the USA as well as interactions.

The teachers who participated in this forum indicated that through this forum, their vision and thinking were broadened and their cognition and identification of education internationalization were deepened. They believed that it is their paramount task to serve students and cultivate their abilities in all respects so as to make them become useful talents in society in the future. In order to complete the glorious and arduous task, they must conduct continuous learning, set up their new concept of international education and explore the new fields of education and teaching so as to make unremitting innovation in their education and teaching work with students as a center.  

President Ren expressed her congratulation on the successful hosting of the 1st Liangjiatan International Education Forum. She also congratulated Liu Li, principal of Liangjiatan International School. She expected that the successful hosting of this forum can accelerate the education internationalization of Xian so as to give assistance to building Xian into an international metropolis.



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