The 3rd Peak Forum on Auditing Talent Cultivation for the New Era Was Held in Xijing University

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On May 26, sponsored by Shaanxi Provincial Audit Association and undertaken by Xijing University, the 3rd Peak Forum on Auditing Talent Cultivation for the New Era was held in Xijing University. President of Shaanxi Provincial Audit Association Chen Zonghai, Vice-president of the Association and President of Xijing University Ren Fang, General Secretary of the Association Xiao Yongmin attended the forum.


Former Director of Special Administrative Affairs Department Stationed in Xi’an under National Audit Office and chief representative of Fosun Group in Shaanxi Li Yahui, Director of Audit Department of Sinopec Corp Zhou Liyun, Director of Human Resources Office of Ruihua Accounting Firm Zhu Danqi, Vice-President and Chief Knowledge Officer of ZTE Holdings New Cloud Zhao Yini, Chairman of the Board of DIB Risk Management Technology Co., Ltd. Hu Weimin, Vice-General Manager of Shaanxi Mingchuang Qiyuan Network Technology Co., Ltd. Shang Hongbo, Vice-Director of Key Lab for Audit Information Engineering of Nanjing Audit University Chen Wei, Assistant Dean of School of Accounting under Chongqing University of Technology Cheng Ping and Dean of School of Accounting under Xijing University Li Haixia attended the forum as keynote speakers. Representatives of the teachers and students from about 10 universities such as Shaanxi Normal University, Xi’an University of Science and Technology and Xijjing University as well as the representatives of nearly 20 enterprises such as Yongyou Audit Software Limited Company, Shaanxi Yiyou Accounting Firm Limited Liability Company and Science Park of Xi’an Jiaotong University took part in the forum. The forum was chaired by Vice-President of Xijing University Huang Wenzhun.


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