A Student from Our University Achieved Good Results in World Intelligence Drone Racing

June 14, 2018  the number of hits:[]

On May 18, World Intelligence Drone Racing (WIDR) kicked off in Tianjin. Li Tian, a student from Xijing University participated in this competition and took the place of top eight. He is one of only two Chinese contestants who entered into the top eight in the competition.

As a junior majoring in civil engineering specialty in Xijing University, Li Tian, born in 1996, has successively taken part in 16 contests of drone at home and abroad, wining 12 awards.Taking discipline competition activities as a key point of making breakthroughs, Xijing University has constituted the competition-oriented cultivation mechanism characterized by “driving practice through competition, facilitating teaching through competition and motivating learning through competition. In the past three years, in terms of discipline competition, the university has won a total of 4,124 prizes, including 2,858 national-level prizes and 38,820-person-time students have taken part in related competitions.


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