Our university won the 2nd Award for the 1st National Psycho-Scene-Drama Contest and Best Actress Award

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On May 31, with “growing together to jointly create harmony” as its theme, the final of the 1st National Psycho-Scene-Drama Contest was ceremoniously held in the Center for College Students’ Activities of Tianjin University. A total of 22 participating teams across the country competed against each other on the arena. After careful selection and vehement competition, the psycho-scene-drama entitled “Accepting Imperfect Oneself” from our university won the 2nd award for the 1st National Psycho-Scene-Drama Contest in the end. In addition, Li Xue, a student from our university clinched Best Actress Award in this contest.

According to Yan Chunsu, director of the Center for Psychological Health Education and Consultation of College Students in our university, through this contest, students’ attention to the development of their own psychological health has been heightened. Moreover, it will play an active role in aspects such as helping college students to set up positive and healthy outlook on life, enhancing their psychological enduring capacity and self-adjustment ability and their awareness of squarely facing setbacks and difficulties, popularizing the knowledge of psychological health, facilitating the healthy growth of their psychology and delivering positive energy.  


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