The working conference on deployment of the 2nd batch of OIP programs of Ngee Ann Polytechnic Singapore was held.

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On the afternoon of Aug.21, the coordination conference on the work of the 2nd batch of OIP programs (Immersion and Exchange of Overseas Cultural Programs) of Ngee Ann Polytechnic was successfully held at No.3 Conference Room in No.1 Office Building. Chaired by Vice-President Wang Jinrong, the conference was attended by leaders and related responsible persons from 12 departments such as Division II of Teaching Affairs, Office of Teaching Affairs, Administrative Center, Publicity Department, Security Office, Huayu Company, Archives, School of Medicine and School of Foreign Languages.  

At the conference, Bian Wei, director of Division II of Teaching Affairs, reported the feedback from the first group of teachers and students who had paid an academic visit to Ngee Ann Polytechnic. In addition, he gave a detailed interpretation of The Work Program of Xijing University on the Reception of the OIP Programs of Ngee Ann Polytechnic with the emphasis placed on the job responsibilities and job requirements of each group.

In the first half of this year, a 47-person group from Ngee Ann Polytechnic came to our university and conducted a 20-day overseas cultural exchange. In the second half of this year, the Polytechnic will arrange to dispatch teachers and students to come to our university for the immersion exchange of overseas cultural programs for the second time.    


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