Associate Professor Liu Jing won a gold award in “the 13th China Star Design Awards” evaluation activity

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Recently, the evaluation activity of the “13th China Star Design Awards” has rung down the curtain. On the strength of her poster works in the series of “Adoring Steamed Bread”, associate professor Liu Jing from School of Design and Art of our university won the gold award in the category of promotional design (professional group) of China Star Design Awards.  

Associate Professor Liu’s poster works in the series of “Adoring Steamed Bread” include two, whose creative elements come from the traditional customs, namely, craft of styled steamed bread in Heyang, Shaanxi.  

The north of China abounds with wheat. The people there are simple and honest and they lay emphasis on etiquette. Styled steamed bread has passed on from generation to generation among the people. After undergoing a range of crafts such as kneading, steaming, coloring and flower arranging, wheat flour is transformed into various images such as tigers, babies, fish, tiger heads and flowers. Since ancient times, the styled steamed bread has served as the material carrier for common people to hold weddings, funerals and sacrificial activities. It stands for the inheritance of flour art under the influence of ancient Chinese farming culture and totem culture.  



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