A Brief Introduction to Xijing University

Situated in the university town in the south of Xi’an, one of ancient capitals in China, Xijing University is a non-governmental institution of higher learning that is qualified to conduct post-graduate education. In 2005, it developed into a university from a previous vocational college and was named “Xijing University”. In 2009, it was permitted to grant bachelor's degree. In 2011, the university further obtained the qualification for carrying out post-graduate education on professional degree. Xijing University adheres to its motto featuring “integrity, health, erudition and ability”. Shouldering the responsibility of building up a university with its own mission, insight and wisdom, Xijing University is dedicated to cultivating outstanding graduates, inheriting civilization and sparing no effort to develop itself into a high-level university.

At present, Xijing University is faced with an unprecedented historic opportunity. By adhering to the Xijing Spirit characterized by “showing selfless devotion, serving the country and the people, challenging the limit and striving for excellence”, all the teachers and staff of the University are determined to carry out the following six tasks such as strategic upgrade, institutional innovation,connotation construction, resource integration, international cooperation and feature creation in order to fight for the Chinese Dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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