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  In October 2011,in line with the document of Degree Committee of the State Council, Notice Concerning Issuing “the Talent Training Project Serving the Nation’s Special Needs: A Pilot Project at Bachelor Degree Granting Institutions that Carry Out Pilot Programs Training Master Students”(Degree[2011] No. 69),Xijing University was authorized to conduct education of master students in the fields of mechanical engineering and control engineering, and therefore became one of the first group of private higher education institutions in the mainland of China which are qualified for education of master students after the foundation of new China. In September 2012,the new graduate students of 2012 enrolled,and thus marked the beginning of the graduate education of our university.
  In January 2014,in accordance with the Notice of Shaanxi Province Concerning Carrying Out Examination and Verification on the  Added Master Degree Granting Programs in 2013(Shaanxi Degree [2014] No. 7),our university offers three more master degree granting programs, Auditing, Architecture & Civil Engineering, and Arts, thus the number of master degree granting programs reached five, and our university became a private university that has the largest number of master programs in the mainland of China. In November that year, the new master programs began to recruit students. In order to meet the needs of fast development of our university’s graduate education, the university adjusted the administrative system, and decided to abolish the Graduate Division, and established the graduate Office. The Graduate Office is in charge of the macro-administration of graduate education, and the training of the graduate students is carried out by the Schools.
  In June 2015,the first enrolled 27 graduate students finished their study, and graduated smoothly, which signals that private higher education institutions in the mainland of China have realized a whole training process of graduate education.  

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