About the Office of Educational Administration

Office of Educational Administration is a functioning organ of the university that is in charge of bachelor talent training,and therefore an advisory staff for the university leadership in terms of teaching affairs. Under the unified leadership of the university,Office of Educational Administration is mainly responsible for teaching operation, organization and administration, plans for development, program construction, course construction, textbook construction, participation in disciplinary contests, construction of practical teaching bases, construction of teaching administration rules and teaching administration informatization, international cooperation and exchange, construction of bachelor teaching engineering, teaching reform, quality monitoring, and teaching awarding.

In recent years, under the unified leadership of the university, aiming at constructing a high-level private university with prominent features, obvious advantage, and engineering based, we make efforts to cultivate application-oriented talents who are comprehensively developed in terms of ethics, intelligence, health, and aesthetics, with solid foundation of knowledge, strong adaptability, and creative consciousness, stick to the policy of “being strict with schooling, teaching, study and examinations”, and follow the guiding ideology of “abiding by the law of education, deepening teaching reform, cultivating applied techniques, being strict with teaching management,and enhancing teaching quality”,effectively improve the quality of talent training,continuously

innovate in the practice of teaching administration reform,have basically established a mechanism for training application-oriented technical talents, and have realized normalization of teaching administration.

The Office of Educational Administration actively supports and orients teachers and students to participate in teaching research and reform. Since 2000,teachers and students have won more than 40 prizes for teaching achievements and teaching research at or above provincial level, and the Office of Educational Administration has been elected as an advanced office several times. In 2014 to 2015,the office was listed second among the offices in the appraisal.

The Office of Educational Administration sets up six sectional offices, i.e., Teaching Operational Section, Administrative Section of Enrolment and Degree, Teaching Research Section, Contesting and Practice Section, International Cooperation andExchangeCenter,and General Section. The staff is composed of 19 members,which is a unified, progressive, realistic and innovative administrative group.

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