Student Union and Associations

Student Union
The Student Union of Xijing University is a mass organization of the students. It represents the interests of students and reflects  their wishes. By maintaining the relationship between the leadership and various departments of the university and the students, it gives full play to its function as a bridge. It participates in the democratic management of the university and helps the students to develop morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically. By taking self-education, self-management and self-service as its guideline, it conducts various active and healthy campus activities and creates a good environment of school life to render service to the growth of the students. By strengthening the relation and communication with external colleges and universities, it tries its best to realize its purpose of improving students’ ideological consciousness, cultivating their moral sentiments and broaden their knowledge.
The guidelines of the Student Union of Xijing University can be summarized as follows: By harboring the sense of mission of  establishing a first-rate non-government university and that of urgency characterized by seizing the day, unite and lead students to study hard and adopt a down-to-earth and innovative attitude to bravely shoulder the historical responsibility of building up a superb non-government university and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.  

Students’ Association Union
Like the Student Union of Xijing University, the Students’ Association Union of Xijing University is also a university-level  organization of student work. Its main functions are to activate campus culture, boost quality education and construct campus civilization. The Association Union has 32 students’ associations containing computer association, painting and calligraphy association, environmental protection association, photography association and debating association and covering five fields such as humanities, science & technology, public good, arts and physical education. The associations above activate campus culture, cultivate students’ interest and develop their ability to organize activities, thus creating favorable conditions for the cultivation and development of comprehensive quality and further boosting the construction of campus culture. They are the important embodiment of the vitality, activity and glamour of our campus and the major carrier of cultivating the all-round quality of college students. Being “the second collective” in the study and life of the students, the Students’ Association Union has become one of important windows for the university to conduct external exchanges.  

Scholarships and Grants
The University has formed a perfect system of scholarships and grants. Every year, it invests over 20 million Yuan (more than 3 million  USD) to give awards or grants to students. Students enrolled through National College Entrance Examination are entitled to national scholarship, national scholarship for encouragement, national grants and source-based credit loans for college students from poor families. In terms of adult students receiving higher education, taking self-study examination of higher education or receiving characteristic specialty education, they have the opportunity to obtain the grants for supporting the students from poor families.  

At the same time, the university creates work-study posts so as to offer help to the students from poor families. For detailed information, please click here.  

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