Profile of Xijing University

Situated in the university town in the south of Xi’an, a famous ancient capital in China, Xijing University is an institution of higher learning that is qualified to conduct post-graduate education. In 2005, it developed into a university from a previous

vocational college. In 2009, it was permitted to grant bachelor's degree. In 2011, the university further obtained the qualification for carrying out post-graduate education on professional degree. Xijing University always adheres to its motto characterized with “integrity, health, erudition and ability”. By shouldering the responsibility of building up a university with its own mission, insight and wisdom, Xijing University is dedicated to cultivating outstanding talents, inheriting civilization and sparing no effort to develop itself into a high-level Xijing University. The university covers an area of 1391 mu (about 92.7 hectares), including a building area of 610,000 square meters. In its long-term development, the university has built up its three big specialty clusters, such as engineering represented by information engineering, mechanical engineering, control engineering and civil engineering, modern service industry represented by auditing, accounting and e-commerce and artistic designing represented by industrial design and visual communication that serve traditional industries. The university has set up 17 schools and departments, 4 extra-curricular academies and 4 communities, including 5 majors for master’s degree, 31 majors for bachelor’ degree and 23 majors for junior college education.

At present, the number of full-time enrolled students in the university is over 23,000. Our university attaches great importance to scientific research. According to The Annual Research Report on the Assessment of Scientific Research Competitiveness of China’s Non-governmental Universities from 2012 to 2014, the scientific research competitiveness of our university ranks fifth in the country and first in Shaanxi Province. According to The Annual Research Report on the Assessment of Scientific Research Competitiveness of China’s Non-governmental Universities in 2015, our university stands fourth

in the country and first in Shaanxi Province. By the end of 2015, the university had obtained the approval of 173 scientific research projects funded by government departments at various levels including a general project of National Natural Science Foundation of China and an art project of National Social Science Foundation of China and signed more than 77 contracts of scientific research projects supported by enterprises. The teachers of the university have published 2059 academic papers including 1388 core Chinese periodical papers, CSCD and CSSCI papers, 391 papers that can be retrieved through three largest index tools and 44 papers in authoritative journals. Up to now, the teachers of the university have applied for 337 patents, of which 225 patents have been given licensing, including 17 invention patents, 183 utility model patents ad 15 design patents.  

Xijing University actively conducts international exchanges and cooperation in education, science and technology and culture. It has successfully hosted annual “Sino-Germany Forum of Artistic Exchanges and Design Education” for three years and set up an arts practice base in Germany. The university has established the Center for Korean Learning with Pai Chai University and realized mutual recognition of each other’s credits. As a result, students can go to the ROK to further complete their undergraduate education. In addition, the university has forged inter-school exchanges and co-operation relationship with more than 30 universities from over a dozen countries and regions such as Singapore, France, the United States, Canada, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
At present, Xijing University is faced with unprecedented historic opportunity. By adhering to Wanjun Spirit characterized with “making selfless dedication, serving the country and the people, challenging the limit and striving for excellence”, all the teachers and staff in Xijing University will carry out the following six tasks such as strategic upgrade, institutional innovation, connotation construction, resource integration, international cooperation and feature creation in order to fight for the realization of the Chinese Dream featuring the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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