Disciplines and Research Fields

Science of Auditing  
As a branch of business management discipline, the science of auditing is an intersecting discipline involving management science,  

economics, law, accounting and auditing. As a branch of social studies, it mainly studies auditing theory and methodology and explores

the law of auditing development so as to conduct effective supervision over economic activity. Its main research fields include

information system auditing, internal control and internal auditing, audit visa, performance auditing, big data auditing, engineering

auditing and audit software intelligentization.  

Civil Engineering
Civil engineering is about the engineering field concerning the building of various engineering facilities, including survey, design,  

construction, management, monitoring and maintenance. It touches upon such fields as structural engineering, geotechnical engineering,

bridge and tunnel engineering, disaster prevention and mitigation engineering, protective engineering, municipal engineering, heat

supply, gas supply, ventilation and air-conditioning engineering and civil engineering construction. The field covers technologies such

as design technology, construction technology, maintenance and reinforcement technology, management technology, experimental

technology, computer analysis and simulation technology. Civil engineering involves industries closely related to national economic and

social development such as building, transportation, water conservancy, environment and public facility management, mining as well as

the production and supply of electricity, gas and water.
Main research orientations: green construction technology of industrialized steel structure; key technology of green construction of  

tailing pond; structure system of new materials; engineering virtual construction technology; earthquake resistance, reinforcement and

reconstruction of engineering structure; frozen soil/collapsible loess soil-foundation-superstructure coupling dynamic mechanism and

design theory.

Internet of Things and the Big Data:
The discipline of information and communication engineering is a discipline with both complete basic knowledge involving other  

disciplines such as applied mathematics, physics and computer science and wide application fields concerning industry, agriculture,

biology, medical treatment and aerospace. Its main research objects include information’s acquisition, identification, storage,

transmission, processing and application as well as big data mining and application and the research, analysis, design, development,

maintenance, testing, integration and application of information and communication facilities and systems. Its main research

orientations are signal and information processing, big data analysis and application, communication and information system, computer

network and information security, computer software and theory and computer application technology.

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