Relevant Issues

1. The talents employed by Xijing University should love the People’s Republic of China and educational cause. They should be of high morality, rigorous style of study, upright behavior and soundness in body and mind.
2. The salary in the employment table refers to RMB with Yuan as a monetary unit. The concrete number of the salary of each category of  employed talents is subject to the explanation given by the Department of Human Resources of Xjing University.  
3. In terms of special talents, the university will take the measure of “one discussion for one person and one discussion for one case”. Their salary is not subject to the regulations above.
4. The remuneration of excellent teams with innovative ability can be negotiated personally.  

5. For detailed information of employment in Xijing University, please log on the official website of Xjing University or directly contact the Office of the Management of the Talents in Special Fields under the university.

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