A Brief Introduction to International Communication and Cooperation

By energetically boosting the process of internationalization, Xijing University makes great efforts to conduct international education, cultural exchanges and cooperation so as to broaden students’ international vision. With the upgrading of students’ multicultural quality, the university has set up its perfect international cooperation and exchange system and mechanism and formulated the credit accreditation system for international exchanges as well as courses-replacement system. Up to now, the university has set up friendly cooperative relations with higher learning institutions in many countries and regions such as the UK, the US, France, Germany, the ROK, Spain, Singapore and Taiwan so as to provide students with diversified international exchange programs such as overseas study tour, semester exchange, paid overseas internship and studying for new qualifications. In recent years, overseas students from the ROK, Thailand, Singapore and the US have come to our university for short-term exchanges and experience with regard to the Chinese culture. Now, eight foreign experts from the US, the Netherland, Pakistan, Japan and the Philippines work in our university by being engaged in teaching and scientific research.

Programs of exchanging students with universities in ROK and Taiwan: In the recent years, Xijing University has conducted student exchange programs by cooperating with universities such as Chonbuk National University and Pai Chai University in ROK and Chinese Culture University in Taiwan. In addition, Korean Language Education Center has been established. Such exchange student programs have received nearly 200 person-times in total.

The program of paid internship for summer vacation in the US: During the summer vacation of every year, the program of paid internship in the US is carried out. Up to now, five batches of students have been dispatched to the US, reaching a total of 159 person-times.

China-France Engineer Cooperative Program: In 2016, the university jointly established China-France Engineer Program by cooperating with Groupe HEI-ISA-ISEN so as to cultivate high-caliber engineers with international competitiveness.

Overseas school-running base: In 2016, the university set up its overseas school-running base called HANBRIDGE SCHOOL in Singapore, thus providing a convenient approach to overseas study and research for teachers and students. A total of about 350 students have participated in programs concerning study tour, student exchange programs and study abroad program in Singapore. More than 300 outstanding teachers and teaching administrative personnel inside and outside the university have been to Singapore to receive training.

The Center for Southeast Asian Studies: In 2017, approved by the Ministry of Education, our university established the Center for Southeast Asian Studies engaged in the studies and exchanges related to Southeast Asia in the fields such as economy, education and culture, which has laid a sound foundation for our university to construct the network targeted at the exchange with the universities in Southeast Asian area and carry out the work concerning international students in China.

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