General Introduction


Originally built in 2002 and rehabilitated and expanded in 2010 and 2014, the Library of Xijing University covers an area of 34,900

square meters and has as many as 3000 reading seats. The library is subdivided into two sections, including literature-lending service

section and resource construction section. By the end of August in 2014, the accumulative number of the paper books housed in the

library had reached over 1.4 million and that of e-books 1.52 million. In addition, it houses more than 7000 kinds of periodicals

(e-periodicals included). The library has formed its own holding system characterized with taking engineering books as its mainstays

and covering several other disciplines such as science, economics, literature, art and communication. In 2002, the library was approved

as a branch library of national digital library. In 2003, in the appraisal of the libraries of universities and colleges across Shaanxi

Province, the library ranked first among those of vocational colleges. In 2007, the library was rated as “civilized library” by

Shaanxi Working Committee of Library and Information Service in Universities and Colleges. In 2009, the library was awarded “honorable

mention of library website in Shaanxi Province” by the Working Committee. In 2012, the library was evaluated by the Working Committee

as an advanced collective in the libraries of universities and colleges in Shaanxi Province from 2006 to 2011.

In Sept. 2014, Xijing University completed the construction of its new library. With a graceful environment and perfect functions, the

new library provides students with a good reading condition. Adopting open-shelf service, the library keeps open for as many as 103

hours per week. It has an exhibition hall of the history of Xijing University, an art gallery, a coffee house, 15 academic lecture

halls, 8 conference rooms, 2 rooms for recording and playing and 18 rooms for study and discussion.
In addition to offering some traditional services such as lending and returning of literature and reading, the library, by making full  

use of network informatization technology, has realized the functions such as on-line information retrieval, on-line consultation, and

on-line renewal. At the same time, the library has also opened its mobile library and e-mobility periodicals so as to make it easy for

readers to retrieve and look up the various resources of the library. In terms of the resources it lacks, the library offers the

services such as literature transmitting and interlibrary loan. Through multi-mode, multi-approach and deep-level modern information

service, the library provides readers with the service integrating collection, lending, reading, and consulting and information quality

The Library of Xijing University will continue to adhere to its tenet of putting reader and service first. It will actively adapt  

itself to the rapid development of information technology and network technology. By closely combining the setup of specialties and the

features of key disciplines of our university, the library will keep on strengthening the construction of literature resources,

enhancing service awareness and upgrading service quality in order to supply teachers and students with fine and high-efficiency

service. (For detailed information about the Library, please click here.)

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